June 4 2021: AstroEnergyAstrology Show Podcast - Planets Defined & New Moon Astrology


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Astrologer Shelley Overton discusses weekly astrology. We are learning about the planets this week and discussing the weekly astrology. Times below: 1:55 Sun 3:43 Moon 8:29 Mercury 12:37 Venus 14:12 Mars 18:58 Jupiter 23:39 Saturn 29:46 Uranus 34:51 Neptune 39:17 Pluto 44:41 Upcoming Week's Astrology Shelley Overton has been studying astrology for 30+ years, and a professional astrologer for 20. Shelley can help you find your birth triggers, the best times to initiate projects and when you will have an easier time relating, and finding love, career decisions, and all areas of your life. PATREON: www.Patreon.com/astroshelley READINGS: http://www.AngelicZodiac.com SHELLEY’S ART: www.ShelleyOverton.com Contact Shelley at so@angeliczodiac.com on Facebook: angelic zodiac on Instagram: @angeliczodiac and @artfulshelley Podcast: www.soundcloud.com/astroenergyshow

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