Lotus' Big Wigs: Russell Carr, Gavan Kershaw, and Matt Windle!


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These are some of the big brains that decide what a Lotus car should look like, feel like, and what the company should do next.

Russell Carr has been working for Lotus since 1990 and was appointed head of design in 2014. His work can be seen in the Lotus Esprit facelift, Europa S, Evora, and upcoming Evija.

Gavan Kershaw has been the Director of Attributes and Product Integrity since 2017. He sets the targets, benchmarks and evaluation sign-off on everything to do with the performance of Lotus cars. He's never worked anywhere else, so to say he cares about the brand would be an understatement.

Matt Windle served as the Executive Director of Engineering until January of 2021 when he was named the Managing Director of Lotus Cars.

Recorded on Nov. 22, 2021

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