Shell Breaker.


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I sung a wee free style rap just now, lol "I actually enjoy it"
Doesn't mean I'm pumping out beats, lol.
Talking about taking down the mirror, not smashing it and having the courage to create your own mirror on the wall. Breaking down the shell, removing the mask and feeling comfortable in your own skin.
A person does not need to be a rendition mimicking a fantastical world of unreasonable social expectations, maladaptive ancient ideologies and ego destroying fed destruction.
"We can be ourselves, with out the world and strong at same time"
A harmonic venue for talking about issues, carrying a beat, easy to follow and nice for the soul.
Take care, be safe and remember its not just your space, this crib belongs to all of us, aka EARTH. If we don't smarten the F up and realize we are weak in the universe, divided.
100%, "There will be some alien civ see us divided"
We a weak undeveloped species amongst the Universe of pure knowledge and unfathomable scientific advancements.
"Don't kid yourself, humanity is not the only opportunistic, subjugating species on the block, better united than dead"
Beat credit to Ryini Beats/Dark Road.

Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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