2190: Home As A Safe Space by Lauren Rad of GetMyrth on Curating Your House for Mental Health


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Lauren Rad with GetMyrth talks about creating a home that fosters mental health

Episode 2190: Home As A Safe Space by Lauren Rad of GetMyrth on Curating Your House for Mental Health

After nearly a decade of globetrotting as a sustainable seafood consultant and ocean conservation warrior, Emma is planting roots. She’s lived, worked or explored in over 60 countries – 45 in the last 10 years. Quite a feat, but given Emma’s ambition, intensely supportive global network of family and friends, and powerful curiosity, it’s not all that surprising. You may have heard of her persona, Emma the Nomad? These days, though, she prefers to be known as a nomad-in-residence--to be more specific, a resident of Santa Cruz, where she’s growing her own roots alongside the coastal trees.

She’s passionate about true self care, mental health experiences, and solo travel. You can usually find her devouring books, practicing yoga, or dreaming big about the future of Myrth.

Myrth is a member of the Digital Wellness Collective. Built around human connection and community, Myrth sets its intention on normalizing self-care and creating better habits through accountability, partnership and simplicity, all encompassed in software.

The original post is located here: https://www.getmyrth.com/myrthblog/home-as-a-safe-space

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