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What are your most important values and beliefs? Are you creating your work around your mission, values and beliefs so that you work generates as much impact and reach as possible? My special guest Pamela Slim joins me on the show today to discuss these matters as well as her brand new book, The Widest Net. We talk about many topics, including Pam’s background as a coach who helps people create small businesses and side hustles that really work, the pain and glory involved in writing a book, and her commitment to making sure the business landscape of the future is an inclusive and connected one.

Pamela Slim is an award-winning author, speaker and business coach who works with small business owners ready to scale their businesses and IP. She is the author of Escape from Cubicle Nation (Penguin Portfolio, 2009), Body of Work (Penguin Portfolio, 2014), and The Widest Net (McGraw Hill, November, 2021). Pam and her husband Darryl co-founded the K’é Main Street Learning Lab in Mesa, Arizona, where they host scores of diverse community leaders and regular small business programming.


• [4:08] Pam’s natural ability to connect people

• [7:41 ] The origin stories for each of Pam’s three books

• [18:55] Why Pam had to confront her fears in order to write The Widest Net and how she stood up to them

• [19:41] Pam’s commitment to creating space for community members of color and her understanding of how people of color face the assumptions of people who do not know what they have experienced

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