708 - Duran Duran! Bonnie Raitt! The Monkees! Chaka Khan!


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First up this week is a new interview with Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran as he talks about their new album – as well as the deep history of the band… from being banned by MTV to being influenced by David Bowie – just a few years before they became friends with Bowie – plus the importance of fashion to the overall image. This interview is from 2021 – from “Marilyn Denis Does A Podcast”.

We also have a mid ‘90s chat with the amazing Bonnie Raitt. This is Bonnie at the top of her game. And while she is genuinely grateful for her recent success, she is clearly unimpressed and uninspired by fame. which in itself is kind of inspiring. You’ll really like our interview with her.

In the mid ‘70s we spoke to the great Chaka Khan. Although her career has spanned decades, she remains terribly overlooked. She first leapt to fame with the band Rufus in the ‘70s, had some massive solo hits in the ‘80s and also branched out into jazz. Christopher and Tom talk about the incredible Chaka Khan performance that they both saw on the same night – at least a decade before they met.

To finish off the show, we invite Jay Michaels back for a game called “Who Said It”. Christopher and Jay will try to identify one of the many rock stars who have said some pretty ridiculous things.

Just after we had put the finishing touches on this week’s show, we learned about the passing of Michael Nesmith of The Monkees. And it reminded us that we had prepared a Monkees segment a number of months ago. It’s an interview with Peter Tork, from about 1989 and it is exceptional. So, if you’re a big fan of the Monkees or just want to hear a great discussion of the music and spirit of the ‘60s… have a listen to the interview following the closing credits of this show. Plus, Christopher will share his thoughts about Michael Nesmith’s extraordinary career.


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