#235: Annual Review 2021


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Vince, Belz and Watke convene to run down some winter break news, hand out yearly awards in 18 categories, and spotlight the top 5 moments of 2021. Happy New Year!

0:30 intro and holiday activities rundown
14:00 Pepi to Wolfsburg, Cuevas to Club Brugge
19:25 Annual Awards

  • Most Inscrutable Player
  • Player of the Year
  • Littlest Brother
  • Best Sh-thousing (Connivance Category)
  • Best Sh-thousing (Unnerving Category)
  • Biggest Change in Belz’s Opinion
  • Most Unexpected Moment (Honorable Mention)
  • Most Unexpected Moment (1st Place)
  • Biggest Snub
  • Most Overrated Player
  • Most Improved Player
  • Biggest Disappointment (Honorable Mention)
  • Biggest Disappointment (1st Place)
  • Dad of the Year
  • Best goal for country
  • Best goal for club
  • Coach of the Year
  • Worst Coach of the Year
    57:30 What we learned this year from the Behind the Crest youtube series
    1:07:10 Top 5 Moments of 2021 from Vince and Belz. There’s a twist.

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