#192 - Confidently Branding to Achieve Work From Anywhere Success with Lyss House


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Alyssa Houseknecht is a brand strategist and consultant, helping small businesses create confident designs that produce income and impact. She creates captivating brands for the modern entrepreneur.

Lyss and I tucked ourselves away at an event to have a conversation of similar paths. She had graduated college and was expected to go the traditional career path. Although she had the skills and worked hard in the roles she was hired for, something was amiss. She felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.

Through the grind of figuring out her place in a corporate job, she found joy in graphic design and branding as a side gig. Then, one day, she was let go from her day job. Instead of letting the shame of being fired consume her, she made the decision to create a work from anywhere lifestyle and make her side hustle her full-time gig.

In this episode, you’ll be inspired by Lyss’s story of courage to go after a career of her dreams. You’ll hear how she helps her clients and works through the challenges of entrepreneurship.


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