Investing in Mobile Home Parks with Sydney Barker


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Real estate investors are always on the search for potential ways to make money. Single-family homes and multi-family properties are two common investments.

However, there is one form of investment that will surely give better gains and return: Mobile Home Parks. Sydney Barker, Vice President of Finance at Washington Street and Asset Manager at Open Door Capital LLC, joins us in this episode to explain why Mobile Home Park Investment is increasingly important.

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[01:56] Who is Sydney Barker?

[02:37] What interested her in Mobile Home Parks?

[04:45] What was her background story 3 years ago?

[07:31] What motivates her to keep going on this business?

[09:33] How did she find her first deal?

[12:19] What is Mobile Home Park?

[15:30] How expensive is Mobile Home Park?

[16:43] What is an Open Door Capital?

[18:23] What kind of corporate are in Mobile Home Parks?

[19:32] What is the financing evaluation to consider when acquiring a Mobile Home Park?

[22:54] The strategy with Mobile Home Park compared to a Multifamily Property

[25:08] How much is the average rent of a Mobile Home Park?

[27:00] Mobile Home Park versus Multifamily Property

[28:41] What markets does her company prefer in finding good deals?


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