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Happy New Year folks! It’s season 4 and the boys are back! Well, most of them. The Colorado kid was out but Chris and Jose were in to preview the new bracket and provide the usual ridiculousness.

The boys cover what moment of their life they wish they had footage of, where a Florida man hid his stash and of course, the new bracket! 7 Minutes in Heaven looks at Arron Rodgers and if he is an asshole and then the guys wonder if a 15 year old kid is one too. Kev gives us just the dad tip and Chris brings it up the rear with Would You Rather. Giggidy, Cheers!

Jose's Favorite Clips

****1:44-1:54:Stick it in ass baby

****12:52-13:52: The rise of the machines

40:00 - 40:30: That time Kev’s daughter met Nick Collins

49:36 - 50:09: 24 waffles in 24 hours

56:44 - 57:14: Jose is Kevin’s number 2

70:59 - 72:04 Connor the protector

76:39 - 77:12 schmammered

78:24 - 78:53 24 hours awake or 24 hours in bed

86:59 -87:18 Judge Jason


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