Ep.37: MISSING-Marilyn "Niqui" McCown


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July 22, 2001 was supposed to be another exciting day that would allow for Marilyn “Niqui” McCown to prepare for her upcoming wedding. While her fiance went with his cousin to get fitted in their tuxedos, Niqui went to Richmond, Indiana’s local laundromat to do some laundry. Although this laundromat was one Niqui frequented often, this time would prove to be different. Jenn, Court, and Beck discuss 28-year-old Niqui’s movements on this day, how her truck may have ended up in the specific location it was discovered, and whether or not her fiance could be involved or if her close friend Tommy was the perfect suspect.

This episode also recognizes Kelly McCrary who went missing June 8, 1991, from Anderson, Indiana.

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