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We are back in Wonderland! To kick things off, we are revisiting the show’s first ever episode together with someone whose writing has made the early 2000s childhood fun through the shows he’s worked on. Story Editor & Animation Writer Tom Krajewski has worked on a fair number of classic shows, including Scooby Doo, TMNT, Looney Tunes, Fairly OddParents, and Monsuno.

Join us, as Tom shares his most memorable experiences in his career including the time when he got to write for the biggest celebrities for Warner Bros Looney Tunes! Tom also talks about the challenges he’s had to deal with, writing for shows he used to watched as a child himself. Plus, Tom also imparts some of the things he does to fill his creative cup!


[3:22] What’s the difference between being a staff writer and a freelance writer

[5:11] What an average day for Tom is like

[9:38] Tom’s career highlights

[14:18] What does Tom do to fill his creative cup?

[16:47] Tom talks about Primer

[31:54] How do you weave in serious social issues in young adult fiction?

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