How To Earn Money As A Developer - 4 Tips


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Liam is joined by Andrew Hubbard, to share four tips that can help you go from zero to multi-millionaire property developer, including how to nurture the right mind-set, and why surrounding yourself with the right people can accelerate your plans!


  • Mind-set plays a crucial part in achieving success. If you think you can or you think you can't, then you are probably right.
  • There are incredible opportunities across the country for developers. Thousands of sites are available, and you do not necessarily need your own reserves of money in order to get started.
  • It's okay to start small! Hone your skills and practice your craft on something smaller, and you'll better equip yourself to take on the bigger projects in the future.
  • Once you make a healthy profit, you are then free to use those reserves to fund further deals. This means that you can, essentially, become your own bank!


'One of the most important things is mind-set'

'You've just got to believe in yourself'

'Scaling up is easier than you think'

'Be your own bank!'


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