Can you really get away with zero outbound sales or marketing? | Christopher Reuter, Head of Growth at Prefect


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When it comes to product-led growth, Prefect is as purist as it gets. It does no promotional sales or marketing - even to its free users!

Christopher Reuter is Prefect's Head of Growth, and one of the most PLG-inclined people I've spoken to.

If you are looking for PLG content that gets really specific and tactical, this episode is not to be missed.

Why listen? Here're all the topics Chris dropped some truth bombs around:

  1. How to know if your customers are respond to direct sales, or if you should let content and community do the heavy-lifting
  2. Why many companies eventually have to layer on sales-led motions, and when to do so
  3. How to monetize an open-source user base, and what unique data challenges open source companies face
  4. Why Prefect turned off its ads and what was the impact
  5. What's a 'pairwise matrix' and how he uses it to measure activation

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