Episode #95 - The Batman


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Fear is a tool. When the Chunk hits the net, it's not just a cast. It's a warning. For them. And for you, listeners. Cause in this episode of After the Credits, the guys are here to cleanse the streets of Castville with Justice. They won't back down from the corruption of their many enemies as they brawl with American Horror Story, investigate competitive reality TV, Is It Cake?, stalk our quick takes on Uncharted, and offer our hottest roundup of the 2022 Oscars. But they'll realize they need to become a symbol for hope as they dive into the latest big screen incarnation of the caped crusader, Matt Reeve's The Batman. Does this yet another Batman reboot offer anything new to the Gotham landscape? But wait- if you thought that was it, stick around for their greatest foe yet, as they discuss feedback in a monstrous listener email. Tune in and solve the riddle...

What's black and blue and dead all over?

YumChunks. The answer's YumChunks. Na na na na na na na na na, YUMCHUNKS!

  • Chunkfire Stories - 04:20
  • The Batman Summary - 28:41
  • The Batman Discussion - 34:56
  • Listener Emails - 01:37:25

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