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It feels like everyone on YouTube is telling long-form stories now. But in the last 2 years, one channel has exploded by mixing intriguing investigations, a commitment to the truth, and a voice like hot butter. Barely Sociable’s latest target is the music industry, and after spending a little time asking him about it, the industry’s perverse incentives lay bare a recipe for crazy.

Barely goes over details from the CIA handbook for assassinations (!) as he goes into how musicians can subject to a host of threats, from organized crime to moneygrubbing executives. And the results can be as wild as the bizarre bathtub demise of Whitney Houston and her daughter. Kevin needs to know: was Jimi Hendrix murdered? The answer is compelling.

Barely has become a staple of investigative YouTube while still managing to keep most of his anonymity. Sometimes it’s a blessing, but sometimes it limits opportunities. And that’s alright – we’re all more attached to his editing and research than we are to his face. But what he does need is a mascot, and there’s no better fit than the milk-sweating platypus.

The origin story of all things Sociable is as mysterious as one of his videos, but it’s clear that a fair amount of prior work and expertise led to the creation of the channel. He can make content about anything – so what won’t he do? It’s dangerous out there.

Patrons ask some really excellent questions about the innerworkings of Barely’s mind, conspiracies, and why people even bother to invent things when reality itself is so bizarre.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the live recording – there were a lot of you and we had a ball poking and prodding Barely’s neurons with you. And those who stuck around for the aftershow hangout are the salt of the earth. Our Patrons are the best, you really do make this show happen each and every week.

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