615. From 5K To 400K: My NFT Collection Update


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It’s been 10 weeks since I invested in my first NFT, and in that time, my collection has grown to almost $400,000. Let that sink in. This is your nudge to get included in this game, start paying attention, and diversifying your portfolio into NFTs and blockchain technology. This is the seed planting stage, and your opportunity to experience explosive growth. I fully expect my cryptocurrency and NFT portfolio to be valued at well over $20 million in a few years with the rate that I’m going at now. Tune in to hear more updates about my NFT collection and tips for how to get on board today.


  • How my NFT collection has grown since I last shared about it
  • My recommendations for how to get started with cryptocurrency
  • A major win with my recent investment into Moonbirds
  • Why it takes delayed gratification to really make a profit


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