S2, E7: The (Mostly) Evil Dead II


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Zelda, Eric, and Tammy Jo enjoy one last meal with the Godlewskis before meeting a new friend.

[CW: body horror, fire]

$2 Creature Feature is an actual play podcast in association with the QueueTimes TTRPG network. We play Monster of the Week, a system created by Michael Sands and published by Evil Hat Productions.

Our cast is Ray Adams (@mr_ray_rpg) as the Keeper, Laura McMillan (@generalmcmill) as Tammy Jo, Meghan Murphy (@kawaiinot) as Zelda, and Nye Elder (@ersatzexpert) as Eric.

Our Producer is Sam Richardson (@Laggardson). Editing by Sam Richardson, Ray Adams, and Adam from Funinstallers. Our intro music is by Ian Mauldin and our outro music is by Jason Myers.

All our links can be found at https://2dollarcreature.carrd.co/.

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