Eskil Vogt on ‘The Breakfast Club’


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Norwegian writer/director Eskil Vogt (on both solo projects and those co-written with frequent collaborator Joachim Trier) is intrigued by the idea of “coming of age”...regardless of what age that might be. So it makes sense that he “felt seen” at an early age by The Breakfast Club’s Brian Johnon (Anthony Michael Hall). More recently, Eskil saw himself in Julie (Honor Swinton Byrne) from The Souvenir Parts I and II, which focuses on a more grown-up coming of age. He and Jordan unravel all that, and his chilling new movie The Innocents.

Then, one quick thing about Men (...the Alex Garland movie).

Find out how/where to see The Innocents.


With Jordan Crucchiola and Eskil Vogt

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