302: Finance Friday: Can I Live in Flip My Way to FI at 55 Years Old?


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Almost every age group wants to know how to retire in ten years. Whether you’re in your teens, your mid-thirties, or your mid-fifties, retirement can seem like an eternity away. Those who retire early and find financial freedom tend to do so through a combination of smart investing, early saving, and a tenacity for budgeting (without giving up everything they love). But what if you don’t have time on your side? What if you’re still paying off debt? Is it still possible to retire?

Thankfully for today’s guest Rik, and all you listeners at home, we can safely say that retirement is in reach, even if you feel like you’re a little off track. Rik has three degrees and as a result, is strapped with some moderate student debt. He wants to retire in five to ten years and realizes that it will take some work to get him in that position. Thankfully, he has some hands-on real estate investing experience—owning a duplex and performing a live in flip on his primary residence.

Rik is more than willing to get his hands dirty in his pursuit of early retirement, whether that means doing remodels himself, limiting his booze budget, or simply living a little leaner. With some smart investments under his belt, he’s been able to set himself up in a good position to take on more projects, have smarter debt, and keep more cash. But, Rik will need to take care of a few things first before he can continue building this retirement runway that’s already underway.

In This Episode We Cover

Student loan debt forgiveness and how to pay off your debt in the smartest way possible

House hacking, live in flipping, and turning your home into a cash-flowing machine or equity check

Building a strong cash position/safety reserve and having the funds to invest faster

HELOCs (home equity lines of credit) and using them to pay off renovations

Whether to rent or sell a property in these high-interest times

Building a retirement nest egg that allows you to travel, take time off of work, and creatively invest

And So Much More!

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