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"The Greatest Secret in the world is an inspiring and affirmative guide to victorious living by the author that gave us "The Greatest Salesman In the World." "Og Mandino emphasizes the basic steps which must be taken to make life worthwhile his book is a guide to the happy practice as business faith as well as a manual for the use of that faith for the problems that surround us all." Lester J. Bradshaw. Join us as we utilize the text to do what it does best. Winston
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A conversation with Adam Birenbaum, CEO of Buckingham Wealth Partners, and Louis Diamond It may come as a surprise that not every leader in the wealth management industry starts off with a background in the financial space. That said, the role does require a level of innate creativity, along with strategic and critical thinking skills—and it certai…
A conversation with Terry Cook, CFP®, CIMA, Managing Partner of Parcion Private Wealth We often talk about how advisors’ mindsets have changed, having evolved to wanting more from their firms. And likewise, clients, too, are looking for more from their advisors. And as such, many advisors – particularly those managing high net worth clients – are c…
A culmination of the most relevant commentary on independence—from a year unlike any other. In the wealth management world, there was plenty of good news to come out of 2020. For instance, many advisors have reported that it was one of their best years ever in terms of growth. And from the perspective of recruiting, advisor movement was the stronge…
With the end of 2020 in sight, Mindy Diamond takes her annual look back—at the year no one could have ever predicted. In this episode, Mindy shares that despite the pandemic and the disruption to everyone’s lives, there was plenty of good news for the wealth management industry, most notably: Many advisors report having the best years of their care…
A conversation with Jon Kuttin, CEO of Kuttin Wealth Management, and Louis Diamond Building a successful business is no easy feat—especially if you are the one leading the charge, as well as working on the day-to-day tasks to move the ball forward. The guest on this episode was once in that same position. Jon Kuttin, CEO of Kuttin Wealth Management…
A conversation with Melissa Bouchillon, CFP®, Managing Partner, Sound View Wealth Advisors There’s no doubt that the wirehouses provide a solid foundation for building a wealth management business. In fact, a recent Fidelity study shows that these massive firms employ some of the industry’s most productive advisors. Yet, for all that the big broker…
A conversation with Rush Benton, Senior Director, Strategic Growth of CAPTRUST and Louis Diamond The ability to serve clients without conflict and with complete objectivity is typically the reason many advisors choose to build their own independent firms. Because as an RIA, advisors can design and grow their practices as they see fit—liberated from…
A conversation with Mark Sear and David Hou, Managing Partners of Evoke Advisors In our last episode, Mark Sear and David Hou shared the early chapters of their incredible journey—breaking away from Merrill Lynch in 2008 to form their own RIA firm Luminous Capital, and in 2012 selling that firm to First Republic Bank for a whopping $125mm. In this …
A conversation with Mark Sear and David Hou, Managing Partners of Evoke Advisors In May of 2008 – just 4 months before Bank of America would acquire Merrill Lynch – one of the biggest breakaway stories in the history of the space hit the Street. Mark Sear and David Hou, managing more than $5B in assets, would leave Merrill—becoming part of an exclu…
A conversation with Louis Diamond Many financial advisors who manage money for ultra-high net worth clients inquire about Goldman Sachs—and whether they are in the game of competitive recruiting. That answer has long been a hard “no.” But there have been reports of some significant changes brewing at the firm—changes that seem to indicate that Gold…
Wirehouse veteran Bob Mulholland shares his experience at Merrill and UBS, plus perspective on changes at the wirehouses, the drivers towards independence, stemming advisor attrition at big brokerages, changing advisor sentiment and much more.By Mindy Diamond
A look at how financial advisors can take a giant leap in growth, for example, going from managing assets of $500mm to $5B or more. Financial advisor coach, podcast host and New York Times bestselling author Steve Sanduski joins the show.By Mindy Diamond
With nearly 60% of advisors currently working from home, how is that impacting their client relationships? And how are so many advisors still choosing to move in these uncertain times? Mindy Diamond discusses that and more in this Industry Update.By Mindy Diamond
What’s driving the acquisition appetite of mega-RIAs? Peter Mallouk of $55B RIA Creative Planning has been driving inorganic growth like never before. He talks about his latest deals, his formula for growth, tips for buyer and sellers, and more.By Mindy Diamond
Who are the investors? How are deals structured? Why would an advisor choose to sell all or a portion of his business? What’s the downside? When to monetize? The answers to those questions and more for wirehouse and independent advisors.By Mindy Diamond
Why would a $6B team choose to leave behind the safety of Morgan Stanley - not to mention two-thirds of their assets - to make the leap to independence? Breakaway Jason Fertitta explains how he and his team decided to make the leap, forming RIA Americana Partners, how their high-net worth clients reacted to the news, and much more.…
Many advisors wonder whether their business value can be maximized under a brokerage umbrella. Louis Diamond shares 3 valuation scenarios, as well as sheds light on why so many advisors choose to go independent on the back 9 of their careers.By Mindy Diamond
Lawrence Calcano of iCapital Network discusses how their alternative investments (alts) platform helped close the gap for advisors who previously could not go independent without losing some, if not all, of their private fund access.By Mindy Diamond
The 3rd of a 3-part series on the landscape of the wealth management industry explores today's boutique firms – a quasi-independent model – focusing on the top 2 firms in particular: Rockefeller Capital Management and First Republic Wealth Management.By Mindy Diamond
Merrill next gen inheritor Elizabeth "Lizzie" Evans discusses her decision to leave the firm on the heels of her father’s CTP agreement and cautions how Merrill's sunset package means buying something the next gen doesn't truly own.By Mindy Diamond
Beginning her deep dive into the ever-changing landscape of the wealth management industry, Mindy Diamond explores the defining characteristics of wirehouse and regional firms, how they've changed in recent years, and much more.By Mindy Diamond
Mega-RIA firms are setting the pace of massive growth through ambitious acquiring practices and smart recruiting. Marty Bicknell, of Mariner Wealth Advisors, talks about his firm’s successes, shares advice for firm owners and breakaways, and more.By Mindy Diamond
3 “ex-wirehouse-turned-independent-industry-leaders” in a rare single forum: Shirl Penney of Dynasty Financial Partners, Jim Dickson of Sanctuary Wealth and Rich Steinmeier of LPL Financial. They join Mindy Diamond to share an “insider’s view” of the wirehouse world, wealth management, independence, and more.…
Jeff Concepcion of Stratos Wealth Partners shares why he chose Emigrant Partners as a capital partner, what independent firm owners need to do when preparing for an acquisition, how he grew his firm from zero to $14B AUM in just 12 years, and more.By Mindy Diamond
Part 1 of 2 on M&A: Karl Heckenberg, president and CEO of Emigrant Partners, discusses how the firm's value proposition, plus the well-established clout of the Milstein family, is representative of a “new breed of acquirers” in the RIA space.By Mindy Diamond
Former UBS advisor Lori Siegel CFP of Centrix Wealth Partners talks about her first year of independence, forming Centrix Wealth Partners with Raymond James Financial Services, and how the ability to control their own destiny was a powerful driver.By Mindy Diamond
Justin Berman left Goldman Sachs 10 years ago to build his own independent firm, at a time when such a move was much less common. How did he find the courage to leave the Goldman imprimatur, brave the firm's 60-day Garden Leave, and build the now $3B Berman Capital Advisors? He explains all this and more with Mindy Diamond in this podcast episode.…
Tim Bello of Merchant Investment Management discusses the growth of the independent space and the burgeoning cottage industry that fills capital, service and support gaps, creating new paths for those who have a desire to grow their own enterprises.By Mindy Diamond
Ben Harrison from BNY Mellon’s Pershing discusses the role a custodian plays in the lifecycle of an independent business, taking over for retiring industry icon Mark Tibergien as the head of Pershing’s RIA custody unit, the COVID-19 crisis, and more.By Mindy Diamond
Bill Williams of Ameriprise Franchise Group discusses how dramatic shifts in recruiting practices, plus improvements in infrastructure, support, technology and marketing have resulted in great success for the century-old independent broker dealer.By Mindy Diamond
Joe Eschleman, president of Towerpoint Wealth, tells Louis Diamond how leaving Wells Fargo – with the help of Dynasty Financial Partners – to launch his own independent firm now allows him to fully engage with clients and prospects, freely and creatively.By Mindy Diamond
There's a new wave of evolution coming which we expect will impact advisors no matter where they work. The good news is much of these changes will be for the better. Mindy Diamond shares 10 predictions for what the wealth management world will look like.By Mindy Diamond
Lee Korn, who launched the independent firm Opal Wealth Advisors in January of 2019, shares how pulling together all the moving parts that go into building an RIA is a task that takes time, energy and a good amount of learning as you go—but worth it!By Mindy Diamond
The freedom to be creative and follow one’s instincts without a larger corporate agenda has enabled many independent advisors to successfully navigate the COVID-19 crisis. David Bahnsen of The Bahnsen Group shares his story and advice.By Mindy Diamond
Matt Crow, President of Mercer Capital, a leading authority on firm valuations in the wealth management space, shares his perspective on the future of valuations, M&A and potential changes in the RIA space as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.By Mindy Diamond
Attorney David Gehn, of NY law firm Ellenoff, Grossman & Schole, LLP, shares actionable advice for advisors including how to avoid risk, manage transitions and renegotiate promissory notes/ EFLs, plus challenges RIAs are facing and relief programs available.By Mindy Diamond
How can advisors better communicate with clients and prospects in a way that is authentic, meaningful and adds value - especially in times of crisis? Bob Burg, the co-author of The Go-Giver book series, shares that and more in this special episode.By Mindy Diamond
Wirehouse recruiting seems to be on the upswing, exemplified by recent high-profile hires and deals like Morgan Stanley’s acquisition of E*Trade. Are the wirehouses ready to compete in the recruiting wars? Mindy Diamond explores the battle for talent.By Mindy Diamond
The Founder of Hamburger Law Firm and MarketCounsel shares his legal and business expertise on what financial advisors need to know about a leap to independence, post-Protocol moves, M&A, technology and the leveling of the playing field.By Mindy Diamond
In this segment of Industry Update for Financial Advisors, Mindy Diamond takes a look at where advisors are going, how movement is fueling the landscape’s evolution, and what’s serving as a “barometer” of change for the industry at large.By Mindy Diamond
Jodi Perry, President of RJFS Independent Contractor Division shares insights on the firm’s success, its culture and client-first ethos, and how that resonates with advisors looking for freedom and flexibility plus scaffolding and support.By Mindy Diamond
A new bi-weekly podcast segment that takes a look beyond independence into what’s going on in the wealth management world at large. 10-minutes on 3 key things happening now and the impact on how financial advisors serve their clients and grow their businesses.By Mindy Diamond
Joe Duran, the founder/CEO of United Capital, now a Goldman Sachs company, gets candid about the firm’s sale, his perspective on independence, clients, technology and M&A, plus the “logical evolution” for advisors and their businesses, and much more.By Mindy Diamond
A special all-in-one-place, “best of the breakaways” show featuring curated conversations about the motivations behind the choice to leave the wirehouse world, the risks these breakaways took and the rewards they found waiting on the other side.By Mindy Diamond
From NASA scientist to Forbes Top Wealth Advisor: Paul Pagnato, CEO Founder of PagnatoKarp, shares his extraordinary breakaway story from financial advisor at Merrill Lynch to launching an independent practice at HighTower Advisors before forming the now $4B fee-only RIA firm.By Mindy Diamond
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