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A couple of Anglo-obsessed Americans discuss mystery TV from the UK. Each episode focuses on a pair of shows, one new and one classic, all available in the U.S. on various streaming services. Tune-in for recommendations or analysis, hear about old favorites or learn about shows destined to be your next favorite.
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听众 Lee 想知道动词 “testify、certify、verify、confirm” 和动词短语 “bear out” 的区别。在它们当中,哪个单词多用于法律语境中?哪个说法多表示 “以官方书面文件的形式证明某人具备特定的技能”?听本期节目辨析英语中五个表示 “证实,证明” 的近义说法。By BBC Radio
We discuss The Long Call and Shetland, both available on Britbox in the US. In Memoriam: David Warner and Bernard Cribbins begins at 0:33 Discussion of The Long Call begins at 3:22 Discussion of Shetland begins at 18:51 The music for our podcast is Grand Dark Waltz Trio Allegro by Kevin MacLeod Link:…
Las afirmaciones de Irán de que tiene los conocimientos técnicos para desarrollar una bomba llegan en un momento en que las negociaciones sobre la reactivación del acuerdo de 2015 entre Teherán y las potencias mundiales están detenidas.By Daily Easy Spanish
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