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Decoding the Gurus

Decoding the Gurus

Christopher Kavanagh and Matthew Browne

An exiled Northern Irish anthropologist and a hitchhiking Australian psychologist take a close look at the contemporary crop of 'secular gurus', iconoclasts, and other exiles from the mainstream, offering their own brands of unique takes and special insights. Leveraging two of the most diverse accents in modern podcasting, Chris and Matt dig deep into the claims, peek behind the psychological curtains, and try to figure out once and for all... What's it all About? Join us, as we try to puzzl ...
Addiction Recovery Strategies for conquering Opioid Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Prescription Drug Addiction, Meth Addiction, and addiction to any other substances. The Elevation Recovery Podcast's Mission is to help people transcend addiction as well as to rapidly progress the field of addiction and treatment. The Listeners will learn a wide variety of addiction recovery concepts, philosophies, strategies, tactics, tools, and resources. Co-Hosts Chris Scott and Matt Finch of Fit Recovery a ...
Finish It!

Finish It!

Matt and Chris Yule

Each week, Matt and Chris get one attempt each at an interactive fiction book until they read every single ending. Will they ever choose every adventure? Will anyone listen?! Join them on their descent into a madness of their own design.
Matt and Chris (Ramey) discuss topics ranging from sports (wrestling too) & entertainment, current events, true crime and anything under the sun. No topic is off limits. One (usually both) are often left ranting about something that really grinds their gears. Things will most definitely get weird. We share the same favorite teams except for football - New Jersey Devils, New York Yankees, New York Giants (Matt), Dallas Cowboys (Ramey) New York Knicks, UCONN.
American politics is a lot like war. When you have two opposing sides, pitfalls and dangers are everywhere in between, can you really be sure you're on the right side? Join Chris, Matt, and K, three privileged dudes with opinions, and we'll navigate this treacherous landscape together and try to keep on the right side of history. Listen to us wherever podcasts are found
UFC veteran Chris Lytle brings you the historic #LytesOut Podcast - the home of the #DEEPDIVE interview with MMA, NHB and UFC fighters past nd present. The idea is to document history from first hand sources. Lytle is joined by MMA Detective Mike Davis and matchmaker Miguel Iturrate to deliver your advanced class in MMA history. Like Share and subscribe.
I am Chris Hardwick. This podcast used to be called Nerdist. Now it is not. It is still basically just me talking about stuff and things with my two nerdy friends Jonah Ray and Matt Mira when they’re available, and usually someone more famous and smarter than all of us. Swearing is still fun, so we still do that occasionally. I hope you like this new iteration which is the same as before, but if a name hangs you up unhealthily I’m sure you will not hesitate to unfurl your rage not only in th ...
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson love movies. The kinds you would pick up on VHS on a Friday afternoon and have to watch that weekend, no matter how terrible it was. They also love to hate them. Movie Fighters is a celebration of that. Each episode, they watch a movie, recap it, and try to make sense of it. They often don't.
Eye On College Basketball

Eye On College Basketball

CBS Sports, College Basketball, Basketball, NBA Draft, March Madness

CBS Sports’ official college basketball podcast is the most entertaining and informative of its kind. Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander bring the sport into your ears at least three times per week with commentary, reporting, insider information and statistical analysis throughout college basketball all year long.
Everyone has a superpower... We're here to uncover it. Welcome to the Superpowers Podcast, where you hear real stories from iconic startup founders and industry trailblazers like Kara Goldin (Hint Water), Andy Dunn (Bonobos), and Deborah Wahl (General Motors). Join me, Chris Cunningham, as we dive deep into the trenches and discover how these incredible entrepreneurs used their unique superpower to succeed in business and life. Superpowers; what's yours?
The Sound Off Podcast is a series of interviews and discussions about Broadcasting, podcasting and New Media. Matt Cundill is a 20 year veteran of the radio industry and has worked on air, and as a program director. Matt now works with broadcasters and podcasters to increase their audience and the amount of time engaged on their audio.
Zero Limits Podcast is hosted by Australian Veterans. Throughout these podcast the boys will be speaking to high charging humans from around the world with a zero limit attitude. One of the best ways we can give our listeners motivation and the ability to complete any goal they set their mind to is through hearing zero limit stories from these hectic people! Lets go!
In the Fast Lane is the official podcast of the Australian Grand Prix. Dedicated to Formula 1® and MotoGP™, host Matt Clayton is joined by Michael Lamonato (F1®) and Chris Vermeulen (MotoGP™) to interview some of the biggest names in world motorsport and update you on all the latest F1® and motorcycle racing news and talking points.
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I want you to meet my partner, Matt Olivo. This year, I am getting him more involved in the Superpowers Podcast because he is a wealth of knowledge for new founders and anyone interested in Venture. Matt and I are starting a series called, In The Trenches, where we talk about things that we find interesting, companies we see killing it in tech, fou…
On todays Zero Limits Podcast we chat to the most bad ass Doctor in the world! Dr. Dan Pronk a former Australian SAS doctor who completed four tours to Afghanistan. Dan served with the regular army in East Timor before undertaking four tours of Afghanistan with Special Operations Units - the 2nd Commando Regiment and the Special Air Service Regimen…
Chris Mack appears to no longer be the head coach at Louisville. That's the lead. Meantime, Auburn and Kentucky survived Tuesday night scares, while UCLA won an important game against Arizona. Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander discuss all of this, plus give a quick preview of the Wednesday and Thursday night slate of games to know. (00:45) - Chris Ma…
Two guests join the podcast today. Luke CJ Smith is a D&D adventure writer and Chris Sagovac is an artist and professor. We discuss the D&D adventures they create and release through Copper Hoard and the DMs Guild. We touch on their approaches to playing role-playing games. We dive into dungeon mastering and discuss character backstories. Plus we t…
Chris King, Founder & CEO of Eaglebrook Advisors, a digital assets SMA platform, join the show. In this episode, we discuss: Eaglebrook’s Series A announcement Chris’ path into the digital assets space and the origins of Eaglebrook Advisors Crypto penetration in the RIA and asset management space Inflection points in the market over the last couple…
Sam East is the afternoon host on 99.9 Virgin Radio, and host of weeknights on Virgin Radio across Canada. That means you can hear her on selected stations Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Sam has also recently launched the podcast Lessons to My Younger Self, where she chats with notables like Jully Black, The Social’s Jess Allen, sexolog…
We get the show going the only way soundman Chris Tannehill knows how – with the “Goodfellas" treatment for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Danny Parkins and Matt Spiegel celebrated that and then pondered a question -- why isn't Bills offensive coordinator Daboll’s name hotter in Chicago? What an offensive display from Josh Allen and the B…
Our old pal J. Gonzo is back on the show this week to talk about La Mano Del Destino Series 2, which is funding now on Zoop! We also discuss retiring from skateboarding, tattoo artists, wrestling storytelling preferences, what makes luchadores cool, and much more! Plus, Matt and Chris unveil the new after-interview segment before answering a listen…
Hello everyone and welcome back! This week we are discussing the intersection of politics and gaming. Why do politicians have such a hard on for gamers and the gaming industry? What's the story behind Gamergate? Why are white nationalist targeting gamers for recruitment? How much longer before all of the games industry is completely controlled by M…
#ChrisBrennan #MMA #MMAHistory CHRIS BRENNAN - Career Close and Beyond (ep. 88) The Westside Strangler returns to close out his extreme #DEEPDIVE with the LytesOut crew. Here we delve into his legacy as a Jiu Jitsu instructor and we get into the second generation Brennan's. Episodes 76, 80 and 84 are also dedicated to interviewing Chris Brennan - d…
Will Peck, the head of digital asset at WisdomTree joins the show. In this episode we discuss: Will’s path to WisdomTree and how the firm began researching digital assets How WisdomTree is approaching exchange traded products in the public blockchain ecosystem Views on the Bitcoin futures ETF products vs. the proposed spot products Views on the var…
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