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Jerk Radio is a podcast about the MMORPG City of Heroes/City of Villains, created by members of the Virtue server supergroup known as "The Circle of Jerks." From developer news to coverage of updates and community reaction in the world of CoH and CoV, we attack the game and community with our special brand of snark and humor.
so marco vernice joins us next week tuesday. translation begins the week after for the just world.we just got on Zipistream who offered to increase our views. lastly chamomile vanila and manuka tea is divine thankyou whichever genius invented it.
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This week JT is joined by First In Wellness (FIW) Founder, Danielle Cook Kawash and Creator of the Kettlebell Lifestyle Program, the main fitness component of First In Wellness programs, Mike Salemi. Danielle and Mike break down some of the main challenges faced by our first responders when it comes to prolonged exposure to trauma, and poor sleep a…
What to expect on Episode 14: David's STILL a vegan The fabulous Janelle Koenig joins the lads Seriously Perth, tongs to hold up a microphone? Who throws a party bus party for a 13 year old? Janelle does... Janelle's trip to the US doesn't go as planned Steam pork bun Comedy show success Do you think David would make a good comedian? Big shout out …
By A Man Of Letters
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