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Every week on Dadsplaining we cover all the weirdest, messiest, grossest, and funniest parts of fatherhood. Join first-time dads Brandon and Jesse as we talk our way through our kids growing up and the adventures of parenting. Episode topics include: dad bods, milestones, childproofing, helicopter parenting, and caring for sick kids. We also interview dads from all walks of life to hear their stories and share the wisdom they've picked up along the way. New episodes every Monday morning!


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A podcast to spotlight the women around Jacksonville (and beyond) that are kicking butt to accomplish their life goals. Just some casual conversations with babes around town doing their thing and not letting anyone stand in the way. Nothing is off limits.
What kind of mindset does it take to crack the elusive code of the music business? You and I are going to find out! In the Brenton Hund Podcast we will sit down with exceptional individuals and tease out their strategies and stories. These are folks I've met in my decades in the music industry, and they are nothing short of music extremists with strong opinions. I want to know what makes them tick, what fuels their passion, and how they have become who they are. Let's go!
Whether you’re an aspiring music business professional or a seasoned vet, every Thursday, The Music Business podcast brings you the trends, tactics and insights from some of the world’s most innovative minds in music. Hosts Artist Manager Jordan Williams and Sam Hysell of NOX aren’t teachers, we’re entertainment industry professionals, drinkers, wannabe comedians and, most importantly, fans. Come learn and laugh with us. To learn more visit the or follow @musicbusine ...
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Early show today! WSB Legal Analyst Phil Holloway and WSB Legal Reporter Veronica Waters join us live in studio with the latest on the #BreakingNews in Brunswick. Extra #ATLtraffic reports to get you around #Thanksgiving jams. World Series of Poker hero George Holmes breaks down his $4 million cash. Plus, #MillennialMatchGame and Johnny Kielbasa wi…
If the music business is an automobile our next guest is a mechanic, and we’re going to take a look under the hood. That means getting into the nitty gritty, so hunker down. Edwin Cox is the global CEO of West One Music Group, a production music company with offices and clients all over the world. He lives in Los Angeles but he grew up and started …
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