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Gloves-off, hands-on conversations with some of the world’s best musicians. The podcast captures the essence of Latin music culture and the stories behind the music. Hosted by Joey De Leon and Jhair Sala, with guests such as Peter Michael Escovedo, Damon Grant, Ron Powell, and more.
Hosted by Drum Factory Direct chief creative officer Mike Dawson, Drum Candy is the definitive podcast for gear-obsessed drummers with an insatiable hunger for non-stop shop talk. Each episode will include product demos and interviews with the world's top drummers, builders, producers, and product designers. Shell types, bearing edges, snare wires, hoop shootouts, tuning, muffling... every component of the drumset and drum sounds gets dissected, discussed, tested, and reviewed here on Drum C ...
Jude Law and Richard E. Grant discuss their new film. Dom Hemingway (Law) is a larger-than-life character with a loose fuse. Back on the streets of London after twelve years in prison, he reunites with his devoted best friend Dickie (Grant) to collect what he’s owed for keeping his mouth shut. Moderated by Damon Wise at the Apple Regent Street in London.
Who Pods

Who Pods

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'Who Pods' (formerly 'Who Pods The Watchmen') is a pop-culture media discussion podcast. Your hosts Grant Davis (@BaronVonGrant) and Clay LaPoint break down and discuss some of the greatest television, film, comic and books. We offer a fun but critical look at the latest in geek media and are prone to the occasional conversation derailment. Who pods? We pod! Support us on Patreon today to unlock bonus content. See for privacy and opt-out information.
Symphonik Electronik | Progressive, Electro & Tech House | | Recommended for fans of these artists: Kaempfer & Dietze / Daniel Portman / Jerome Isma-Ae / Innate / Arno Cost / Arias / Chris Nemmo / Andree Eskay / Dousk / Mac Gregor / Kama / Damon Jee / Olivier Giacomotto / Libex & Marshall / Gareth Emery / Sultan & Ned Shepard / Matthew Dekay / DJ Tatana / Martin Roth / Ee-Sma / Mikas / Mason / Felguk / Gabriel Marchisio / Joy Marquez / Michael Woods / Pryda / 2XLC ...
Welcome to The The One Show Show! Each week, broadcaster and writer Jon Holmes is joined by a special guest to review the past seven days of the BBC's flagship fluff-fest The One Show in forensic detail. Cue the awful theme-tune trumpets! See for privacy and opt-out information.
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Damon gets to talk to Jon about their past in the marching arts, his path through school, his teachers, winning an orchestral gig, teaching others and more. There are other segments, including: R.I.P., Happy Birthday, gig alerts, educational spotlights, music news and others.
Damon gets to talk to Mark about the World Percussion Committee for the Percussive Arts Society, make a connection between the Mbira, Kalimba, Karimba, and Marimba and other educational tidbits. There's other segments too, including: R.I.P., gig alerts, educational spotlight, music news and more!
In this episode, UK session great Ash Soan (The Matrix, Adele, Seal, Sam Smith, Cher, etc.) discusses what he's practicing to keep his playing on the cutting edge, how he tunes, which drums get the most use at Windmill Studio, and how his new Gretsch signature 7x12 purpleheart snare came to be.By Mike Dawson
Damon gets to talk to Victor and Jonny from the Sandbox Percussion chamber group about how they formed, where they met, balancing other performance opportunities with the ensemble, the new album, grammy noms, PASIC, video creations and more. There are other segments too, including: gig alerts, an iconic recording, music news and others.…
This weeks guest is a two-time 125 west region supercross champion, a premier class supercross winner, US Open champion and ISDE gold medalist. The end of his racing career is where it gets really impressive: he is currently an LAPD law enforcement officer working in south central Los Angeles.... Please welcome Damon Huffman to the show!…
Damon gets to talk to Mike and Tony about sound design for the marching arts and pageantry. How they got started, some gear choices, tips for success, and much more. There are other segments too, including, R.I.P., Happy Birthday, gig alerts, iconic recording, music news and others.
Percussionist educator podcaster Damon Grant is a musicial monster evolving and changing with the growing demands of the modern music industry. We get the hot takes on Spotify wrapped, sobriety, marketing, percussion, drum core, BBQ and the differences between 'Cajon' and 'Cojon' for more about the king and peep his pod: Discuss…
Damon gets to talk to Marcos about his recent clinic at PASIC, his new lessons at CongaChops (dot com), Afro-Cuban music vocabulary, touring with Marc Anthony, covid protocols and much more! There's other segments like: R.I.P., Happy Birthday, educational spotlights, an iconic recording, music news and others.…
Ernesto Fonseca is an unlikely champion. The friendly rider grew up in Costs Rica, a country that had never turned out a supercross champion. "Lobito" changed all that and has two lites supercross titles to his credit along with a bunch of podiums in the premier class. After a life-changing spinal cord injury, Ernie is back to living life.…
For the last time this season, Jon and Marc celebrate the return of Alex Jones, who's back to break a load of sofas. Some exciting news about 2022 right at the end, if you like this sort of thing and want more of this sort of thing! See for privacy and opt-out information.
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