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Ancient Magic & War grip the world of Andaria. We find ourselves in The Sunken City, a busy trade port ruled by the Dragon Lord, Ember and one of the few cites not under Ancient rule. The Celestial War truly is a story full of adventure, twists and turns, fun roleplay and a lot of laughs. Start with Episode 1 and see what everyone is talking about!
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Abyssia faces the repercussions of her actions, Hogar faces his toughest trial yet (in a rabbit??), Botorius faces a mountain, and Arky faces some of the worst trouble he's ever gotten himself into. All the while, Relic continues to plan his rebellion for crystal-born freedom.
A Live Playthrough session 0 where our Dungeon Master showcases our adventure and the players get a feel for their upcoming adventure, The Arcane City. Our story begins as the squire Cadoc and his father Lord Elderin of the northern kingdom of Oakfrost journey to Soulst, The Arcane City. Upon their arrival in the dark magical city, young Cadoc lear…
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