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I this episode we chat with one of the greats! Russell Shakespeare. was kind enough to drop by the DDDB for a candid chat. Thoroughly enjoyed his company.By Light Minded
Incredible WA Photographer Chad Peacock drops by, we find out about his accidental musical influence on a LEGENDARY Australian band, his affinity for the 5d2, and also his Postcodes project. Action packed!By Light Minded
The most hardcorest Landscape Photographer in the world (Dave Morrow) drops by the DDDB and shares some of his secrets for You Tube awesomeness, plus a whole bunch of other stuff. Great guy! Check out his stuff at And have a look at his You Tube Channel AND have a look at Christians new chann…
Christian gives his 5 top tips for better Landscape Photography. These are great if you're a newbie or at Tom Putts level of awesomeness, a great reminder! Make sure you join our Instagram, Lightmind_PodcastBy Light Minded
Commercial Action and Adventure Photographer Mark Watson drops by, we learn his technique in getting stunning images for MAJOR clients like The North Face and Harley Davidson. Great guy!By Light Minded
SENG MAH joins us for a chat, which was fantastic, we talk about some of his favourite destinations to shoot. PLEASE FORGIVE THE AUDIO QUALITY, but listen hard, he talks about some pretty good stuff!By Light Minded
Tony Hewitt stands in for Christian this week and we piece together 5 elements of an above average Landscape Photo, when you put these together, you'll get a good shot! I found this fascinating at learnt heaps! CarwynBy Light Minded
Thank you to Panasonic for making this amazing giveaway happen, the winner will be stoked! :) If you just want to flat out need to buy one, head here for some limited time pretty sharp offers.... Light Minded
100 episodes! Hahaha, can't believe it! We celebrate by catching up with Adobe mastermind, Julieanne Kost, she also has an interesting project.... A big thanks too to everyone who has given us their time to come on the show, thank you, and most importantly thank YOU for listening, hopefully we've managed to entertain you :) Cheers Carwyn and Fletch…
The dynamic duo, Dark and Saunders (Chris Dark and Chris Saunders) join us to chat about their Infinite collaboration and Vaseline....By Light Minded
Today we're joined by a LEGEND specialising in Ocean photography, Rachael Talibart. Plus we we find out some things about her shes never shared before...By Light Minded
Tony Hewitt joins us to answer your questions PLUS a very well known photographer gate crashes us during the recording. You cant make this stuff up lolBy Light Minded
HARDCORE Landscape Photographer Dave Morrow joins us from the US, plus we have a special big rumour announcement for you :) #LUMIXS1RBy Light Minded
Ben Walton from Team Digital joins us to talk about the $10000 Golden Shopping Trolly Awards, plus we'll have the video up on You Tube real soon, just do a search for Lightminded on YT.By Light Minded
We're now on You Tube, just do a search for Lightminded in the YT search bar or click here And make sure you subscribe :) Lots of fun! BTW, we've listen to you and we've gone back to our usual longer format. Enjoy!By Light Minded
A great chat with Martine, in this one we discover that shes a little bit extreme, well more hardcore than most! Enjoy! Have a look at her website Light Minded
We made it! It's actually 2021 and as is our tradition, we always start the year off putting our best foot forward with Erin Babnik. Enjoy!By Light Minded
We were lucky enough to be joined by one of this planets best Monochrome proponents. It was truly an honour to get into the mind of Steve Gosling. Enjoy!By Light Minded
Today we're joined by Altered Images head honcho Ian Van Der Wolde, fresh out of the Vic locdowns, PLUS, we announce the winner of the 2020 #WalkingLandscapePhotography walk!By Light Minded
Christian has finally made it back from his 1200km bike ride and we're joined by Andrei Duman LIVE from the US and A.By Light Minded
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