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The original classic gaming podcast continues its endless quest to explore the history of video games, one game at a time. Join hosts Jeremy Parish and Bob Mackey each week as they team up with a host of expert guests to chronicle the creations that have paved the way for today's hits. From forgotten black-and-white arcade machines to modern-day remakes, Retronauts spans more than four decades of vintage gaming greatness!
A retro gaming podcast that breaks down games from our childhood. We also discuss current pop culture on a week to week basis. Hosted by Andy and Dylan, two under-educated midwesterners who love all things nerdy. Not safe for kiddos, or adults probably. New episodes weekly?
Charley Jones Podcasts

Charley Jones Podcasts

Genesis Communications Network, Inc

Charley Jones, a native Texan, has enjoyed a 40 year radio career entirely within in the Dallas/Fort Worth radio market. Conversant with and passionate about the American Revolution, world history and global affairs, Jones majored in History at the University of Texas Arlington before landing his first radio job at one of America's premier rock stations, KZEW-FM, The Zoo, in Dallas, Texas.
Genesis the Podcast is a new way to connect with Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support and expand your thinking about domestic violence and related issues that affect women. Genesis the Podcast is also a safe place to gather resources and information if you are in an abusive relationship and need safety, shelter or support. Listen every week for fresh content related to domestic violence, to connect with world-renown professionals, participate in exclusive events and training opportunities, an ...
Dr. Wallach, BS, DVM, ND, and the author of the famous 'Dead Doctors Don't Lie' audio tape now shares his farm wisdom on talk radio. This veteran veterinarian has more than one story to tell, and if you enjoyed listening to the audio tape, or reading his books, you'll love hearing his radio program! Co-hosted by Doug Winfrey, the consummate radio professional. Now's the time to get involved in your own health care. Doctor Wallach is available to take your call and ready to answer your health ...
They say that success leaves clues. In this podcast, we will have guest professors who have graduated from The School of Hard Knocks, come in and teach lessons about the principals that they've used to reach their level of success. We'll learn about their ups and downs so that we can implement what has worked and stay away from their pitfalls. We, as a class can learn from other people's failures and start moving in the direction of our own version of success. Are you ready for class? Grab s ...
Charts? Fighting? Nah! Ravsieg tosses away previous rules and themes. Anything goes! Embrace the Ravsdom!! and join in with your own music and stories. The focus will be on people's own SEGA musical experiences, but... who knows what each week will present!
Late and Live brings the sound of Friday night to RadioSEGA with the best mix of uptempo SEGA tunes and community remixes to kick off your RadioSEGA LiVE weekend. With our regular themed shows, DJ mixes, free for alls and our month end Listener Mix where you pick all the tunes, we're pumping RadioSEGA's biggest party directly into your speakers or headphones! Check out new episodes Fridays at 10pm UK time on RadioSEGA or every episode here on demand!
Join us as we take you on a trip down a very dark alley with nothing but our wits and an odd fascination with death. Blood and Guts is a true crime, horror, creepy, spooky, and hopefully comedic podcast to satisfy your never-ending bloodlust. Who’s next?
Gene Fatigue Doc Helping high-achievers naturally eliminate “gene fatigue” obstacles so they can optimize for higher achievement & live the life of their dreams. The Genesis Zone Show. The show will be in three portions: 1. "Wellness Warriors - Servant Leaders" Segments. The focus will be on interviewing top experts in the areas of emotional and physical higher performance specializing in the areas of health, wellness, business, leadership, family, and relationships. 2. "Wellness Warriors - ...
Retro Reset

Retro Reset

Allen Jenkins and Kyle McCluskey

Remember getting stuck in Zelda, only to discover the secret you were missing the next day? Or being jealous of the kid who had Nintendo Power? In the internet age when you get stuck in a game, it's easy to find the solution online. Too easy. On Retro Reset, we're gaming like it's 199X-- no guides, no GameFAQs, no internet. We're resetting our brain console and relearning how to discover the worlds of gaming for ourselves.
Please share this unique Podcast with like-minded Friends. Hailing near Bellingham Washington State and Played like the the "Old Fashioned FM Station" with Lots of Music with a little history and trivia thrown in, The Progressive Rock Psychedelic Beatles Pop Show Broadcasts music that can date back 50 years, where the listener experiences "Musical Stories" connecting it all with similar styles and lyrics thus creating a "Feel" to the entire 1-hour show. Always "Like" this Podcast here or on ...
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Leslie Morgan Steiner narrowly escaped her abusive husband. As a critical step in healing from her experience, she authored "Crazy Love" - a memoir of love and violence. Today, Leslie continues to share her story publicly, empowering others to safety and a life of hope and healing. In this episode, Leslie courageously shares her personal account of…
Have you ever wondered what God was doing before the beginning, before he created the world? In this episode, Pastor Biebert leads you in a meditation on just the first four words of the Bible: “In the beginning, God . . .” Music Credit: “Ballet à 4,” arr. Michael Praetorius, in _Terpsichore_ (Wolfenbüttel, 1612), no. 268.…
We've all heard the saying about doing something that you love and it won't feel like work, but what about passion? Are we blindly chasing passion or are we blind to what our passions are? Guest Professor Mark Nathan teaches a lesson from his book, The Delusion of Passion. Buy his book, "The Delusion of Passion" from his website, www.TheDelusionofP…
WHAT ARE FCU’s & WHY DO THEY EVEN MATTER? How can they make me healthier? But better yet, how can they also make me sick? I’ll answer these questions and more on today’s show, but here’s a hint: FCU’s outnumber the cells in your body by a long shot. Show Notes: 0:57 Wearing a biometric device may prolong your life! 1:59 Walking just 7000 steps per …
Today I pick up where I left off last week. If you have not listened to the previous episode, you may want to because this one builds on that one. I've been talking about our stories. The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and about others; about situations, circumstances and events. I invited you to examine the foundation of your stories to…
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