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From the makers of the Red Couch pod: The political landscape can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be. If you've survived jr high, lived in an urban city or understand gang life, you can understand geopolitics. Join rapper and author Propaganda and his friends as they use their hood-knowledge to break down the political scene.
Unapologetically black, gay, and hilarious, college student Zach Iconic Thomas gives his weekly analysis on pop culture and politics, while intersecting these discussions with unique life advice. So Far, So Hood serves you trending topics, headlines, black culture, and queer culture, while tackling life’s hardest challenges.
Let's be real, being "the strong friend" sucks sometimes! Join Licensed Therapist Seida Hood each Tuesday as she breaks cookie-cutter molds on mental wellness, faith, relationships, and love! Whether you're a boss babe building your empire or a high-achieving career woman, this show will give you practical strategies for daily living. Grab your coffee or tea, find a good spot and press play sis!
DevRel? Hackathons? Personas? Tech Industry pioneers from the world’s largest tech companies, share insight on developer marketing success stories with everyone who works with or plans to work with developers. In every episode, each special guest covers a *hot* developer marketing topic, laying close to the outline of our “Developer Marketing: The Essential Guide” book. Profit from books sales is given away to a worthy coding cause.
Hello, I’m Carson Hood. For the past 17 years, I’ve worked my way through the entertainment and marketing industries. Beginning my career with MTV to working with HBO and Academy Award-winning directors today. When I started my career, I thought I was a creative person. Until I met truly creative and talented people. I quickly began carving my own lane that has allowed me to help build businesses and work on some of the biggest films, tv series, and marketing campaigns ever. Prospect is goin ...


Steven Richardson

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Father Hoods

Father Hoods

DJ EFN, KGB and Manny Digital

From the creators of The Drink Champs, come... insider Hip-Hop Stories, Parenting Advice and Therapy Sessions from devout Hip Hop heads. Father Hoods is a weekly podcast where DJ EFN, KGB and Manny Digital discuss being fathers and how they parent from a Hip-Hop perspective. In their rap sessions they get into their child raising strategies, fears and joys - all while serving as each other's trusted council in figuring out how NOT to screw up being good dads. They're often joined by guests f ...
Glowhood podcast brings experiences of overcoming societal adversity to the forefront through segments for everyday consumption, allowing an audience of seekers-for-change to build awareness and positively shift the paradigm. Follow our social media pages @glowhoodpodcast and our sister page @grownwomensociety for more!!
EVERYTHING ZEN focuses on all of the exciting events coming up on the Zenescope calendar, all the new Zenescope comics, graphic novels, limited edition collectibles, art prints, games, and gear. Plus, lots of giveaways, round table discussions with the creators, artists, and writers who give our characters life, and special guest stars from comic book conventions all around the world.
Robin Hood is one of the most ubiquitous figures in the English-speaking world. He’s been the star of countless films, television shows, books, games, and branded merchandise from baking supplies to investment apps. Whether he’s wearing a dark shrouding hood or a jaunty pointed cap, there’s a distinct image that comes to mind when you hear the name. Our mission is to dissect that image. Through interviews with academics and experts we’ll be taking a focused look on what one would actually ex ...
Grab a chair at the Hangout Cafe, where Olu Adeaga sits with inspiring friends and family who candidly share their life stories. With topics ranging from parenting to overcoming abuse, Christianity and mental health; you can expect a unique perspective from each amazing guest barista. With each story, we hope that you leave with increased strength and hope. As you listen, you will remember that you matter, and you are not alone, because we are all in this together.
Do you love board games? I do! But do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes? How do meet-up groups get organized? What is the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign? How do publishers get their games to market? How are people reaching their market in an ever more competitive market? What type of social media personalities are springing up in support of this industry? James interviews experts from across the industry and takes a peak under the hood i ...
The bad boys of action figure podcasting. Talking all Action figures/collectibles. All things action figures but Hood AF! This is not your mother’s action figure podcast. Join Jonathan Fallen and Mikey VTown in hilarious rants all relating to this addiction they love. Clever bits and segments with listener involvement. #HoodCastAF Come up with the gang and subscribe today!
The Drill Down is a daily podcast focused on business fundamentals of the biggest stock movers of the market day, hosted by veteran financial journalist Cory Johnson. Through insightful interviews with CEOs and investors, meaningful research and in-depth analysis, The Drill Down provides a clearer picture of what’s really going on under the hood at publicly traded companies. This is business news for business people.
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In addition to being the name of a YG slapper, big bank take Lil bank is a playground game that unambiguously prepares kids for the type of heartlessness you need to succeed in the global financial world. You play with your friends and eventually take their money. Let's talk about Americas gun licc. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.i…
Theme of the week: Defining success & metrics Today's Under the Hood of Developer Marketing podcast episode is called “Defining sucess and Metrics in DevRel". It's part of our MasterTips series, where we share with you tips and best practices from leading professionals. This time around, we brought together 4 industry leaders to discuss how they de…
The Father Hoods have been dealing with busy schedules and juggling that thing we always talk about: fatherhood! This week though, we're back in full effect as all three hosts made it for this one. We welcome one of our podcast plugs, a true renaissance man... and new father, Jordan Commandeur to the podcast. He's got several funny stories to share…
This week we are joined by Ben Rosenblatt, a former executive from Bad Robot who worked on both “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” and “Rogue Nation.” In this installment of our three-part chat we talk about getting started with J.J. Abrams during post-production on “Star Trek” (2009), who they wanted to get as the IMF Secretary in “Ghost Proto…
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