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Drawing on years of experience as communications chief for President George W. Bush and senior advisor for the McCain-Palin campaign, Nicolle Wallace provides political insight and clarity on where the decision-makers stand on complex issues. Join her for analysis and discussion with the key newsmakers every weekday.
Deep – for those who need music like oxygen. It’s a perfect music background for work, relaxation and travelling. It’s what everyone is looking for, but not many manage to find after hours of furious switching broadcasts. Now it is possible to forget about searching for music. The secret is quiet simple. The excellent selection of material with a wide variety of «deep» styles – from Deep House and Soulful to such noble genres as Acid jazz and Trip hop.
Dj / Sound Producer from |Moscow,Russia| Follow me • Instagram: • PromoDJ: • Soundcloud: • Facebook: • Official Page VK: • Twitter: • Youtube:


DJ JIM (Evgeny Glotikov)

DJ JIM - один из лучших DJ в России. Автор и ведущий двух радиошоу, продакшн директор и продюсер, музыкальный редактор нескольких радиостанций, четырёхкратный ЛУЧШИЙ DJ России и один из самых скачиваемых диджеев в Рунете. Лучшее здесь!
☆КРЕАТИВНЫЙ, СТИЛЬНЫЙ И ЯРКИЙ ДИ-ДЖЕЙ РОССИИ! ОТЛИЧНО СОЧЕТАЕТ ЭФФЕКТНЫЙ ВНЕШНИЙ ВИД И МУЗЫКУ, СОЗДАВАЯ АТМОСФЕРУ НЕ ЗАБЫВАЕМОГО НАСЛАЖДЕНИЯ И ВЕЧНОГО ЗАРЯДА БОДРОСТИ!☆ Владелец Лейбла "MOUSE-P" RECORDS - Резидент Российско-Eвропейского лейбла FASHION MUSIC RECORDS Резидент Eвропейских лейблов Fashion Deep Favorite Music Fashion Recovery Revenge Music Delivery House House Connection Fabrique Recordings G&S House Music Milano Records Tiger Music Deep ...
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As Boris Johnson chairs his first meeting with his fresh new cabinet, the critical question now is - in what ways will the party achieve their goals of ‘levelling up’? With Michael Gove now holding the position of Housing Secretary, will his planning policies be implemented and reflect his previous track record? To discuss this, as well as the ongo…
The first release of Abarra just gives a hint of what might be coming soon. The melodic theme catches you from the first moment of the song and takes your senses on a journey. The driving bass makes your body move and the voice of Abed sends your thoughts from the well known dance floors in Berlin to the pulsating clubs in Beirut. The heavy and pow…
Nicolle Wallace discusses California Governor Gavin Newsom surviving the effort to recall him. Plus, Biden expresses great confidence in Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley, U.S. gymnasts testify before Congress about the abuse they suffered and failures to protect them, a Fox News host doubles down on covid vaccine disinformation, the Bi…
Dudu Nahas - To Your Side Mr Gil - Only One Rodrigo Carreira - Tribal Feeling Michael Lapersonerie - Nappin Nemanja Kostic - Lost In Time Olivier Berger - Last Mode (Stan Kolev Nostalgic Remix) Moonbeam - Sunset (Stan Kolev Remix) Stan Kolev - Reversed Frequencies Eitan Carmi - Subtle (Matan Caspi Remix) Stan Kolev - Disclosure (No Guitar Mix) Stan…
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