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We Walk by Faith

We Walk by Faith

Christ the Servant Lutheran Church

This daily Lenten devotional podcast is compiled of interviews of members of Christ the Servant Lutheran Church in Waukesha, WI, as they wrestle with questions about faith, Christianity, and church in today's context. For more information about Christ the Servant, visit
The Faber Institute is committed to “awakening souls” in an age when the existence of the soul, and of its particular capacities and formidable powers, is overlooked. We do this by putting people in touch with sources of depth and vision within themselves through which they gain a discerning capacity to recognize the highest good of persons, and its counterfeits.
Are you feeling weary? Are you tired of your seemingly endless wandering in the wilderness and now longing for a resting place? This Lent, would you respond to the Father's invitation to come home to Him, to rediscover His Heart, and to rediscover who you are in His merciful gaze, and let your forgone identity be restored? Let us spend 10 minutes each day during this Lenten Season, to experience God and to farm our own hearts in a reflective way.
Henry Edward Manning (1808-1892) was an Anglican priest who, in 1851, converted to Roman Catholicism. In 1865, he was appointed archbishop of Westminster, which is the mother diocese of Roman Catholics in England and Wales, and in 1875, was made a cardinal by Pope Pius IX.Sin and Its Consequences is based on a series of eight Lenten lectures. The first four chapters deal with the problem of sin. After explaining the nature sin, Manning explains the distinction between mortal and venial sins. ...
MERCY. REPENT. TRIBE. ABANDONED. THIRSTY. JUSTIFIED. ZEST. These seven words exemplify the passion and the person of Jesus as He hung suspended on the cross. Twice a week, beginning, March 5, MDPC will post episodes of a few of our staff and members as they share their personal stories, each centering around one of these words.
Welcome to the 4th season 54 days of roses, a podcast dedicated to the miraculous 54-day rosary novena. I'm your host, Maritza Mendez.This is a podcast for those who seek answers to a particular prayer, and through the recitation of the rosary, we ask our Blessed Virgin Mary to pray for our intentions if they are compatible with God's Holy Will. Together we'll pray the first 27 days in petition, followed by 27 days in thanksgiving, whether or not our request was granted. For the next 54 cons ...
Sacred Ordinary Days with Jenn Giles Kemper explores faith where it hits the pavement of work, relationships, creativity, and real life. Inspired by Jenn’s curiosity and faith (and her work as a minister and spiritual director) we’re crafting a show to help you meaningfully explore your own life with Christ — and ultimately lead you to become more wholly human and more fully faithful. On Tuesdays, join us for a conversation with folks whose words, work, and witness have shaped our team’s und ...
We exist to be an authentic community that makes Jesus fully known so others may fully know him. Missio is made up of ordinary people who are deeply impacted by the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ. We believe that God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) has created us to live in personal relationship with him, he has called us to live in authentic, loving community with one another, and he has given us the awesome responsibility of representing him in this world by making his love known to ot ...
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