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Two old punks from both side of the pond talk about everything and nothing, loosely focusing on punk rock both past and present. Opinions, facts and commentary on the way things were, the way things are and the way things should be in the scene. Plus you will hear some great punk rock from every era. Hosted by Tom Trauma and LiverpoolNeil. No rules!
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Our final Horn episode is with Mark Pender, famous for playing trumpet on Conan O'Brien's shows. He has appeared on a bunch of tmbg tracks as well as toured with them, and he is here to talk about Ant, since he played on the Indestructible Object version. We talk about all versions of the song and get to hear about the life of a late night show mus…
Let's have a gay old time! It's Gay Might Bi Giants part 2, where I've once again rounded up a crew of some awesome queer friends to talk about their favorite TMBG songs through their personal experiences and feelings. Guest hosting is Amber Chaney, and joining her are Acey Jane and Lauren Walton for a Oops, all sapphics! episode. Enjoy!…
This charity episode is now free! The TMBG John Henry rhythm section, bassist Tony Maimone and drummer Brian Doherty, both return to the show to reminisce about a song they have songwriting credit on, AKA Driver! You're in for some inside stories folks, so strap it in!By Punknews.org
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