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[BRACKET!] is a weekly podcast that uses the single greatest hierarchy method known to mankind (the Sweet 16 Bracket) to sort out the absolute best in all fields: movie quotes, periods of time, cereals, logos, philosphical concepts, and types of sharks. New episodes every Friday. We are funded by our generous Patrons, including Gabe Silva, Jeff Criswell, Andrew Whipple, AverageJonah, Evan Baumel, GX Barnett, AnarchyMarie, Lindsay, Mikey Hall, Oliver Beattie, Ringthane, Tom Nemcek, and Michae ...
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Sixteen spider super-villains are walkin' here! Join us, Willem Dafoe, and Michael Keaton in the Arachnid Arena to determine which Amazing Archnemesis reigns supreme!Round 1:Kraven vs Sandman | Mysterio vs Electro | Kingpin vs Vulture | Shocker vs Carnage | Rhino vs Green Goblin | Hobgoblin vs Doc Ock | Venom vs Lizard | Chameleon vs Black Cat…
This episode started out as Best Nickelodeon Sitcom before we just started grouping everything in there. Join us in remembering the oft-remembered shows of Nickelodeon's past and present (but mostly past because the rest of you are too young to be listening to this podcast)By Cullen Jennings, Jesse Knowles, Dan McKenney, and Persia
The season fourteen finale, featuring your favorite normal adults who love the Tarzan soundtrack.ROUND 1:School of Rock vs Choco Taco | New Donk City vs Santa Monica | Heart (band) vs Strangers Like Me (Tarzan) | Nightmare Before Christmas vs Ice Cube | Cooking vs Face Masks | Tacos vs Cold Pizza | Commode vs 4th of July | Hamburglar vs Gudetama…
Awww...intervention! Jesse has been spending a bit too much time with free-to-play shooters, so we've stacked sixteen new hobbies for Jesse in a bracket to find out which personal project will help Jesse in 2019! Will he be the next great geocacher, or Gordon Ramsay's new best friend? It probably won't be bowling, though, considering he got his han…
Hoo boy this is a sloppy one folks. Just a real nosedive into the mud. We took sixteen of our favorite....modes? And then Jesse fixed himself a drink? And then Persia fixed herself drink(s???)? You can try to put of scoop of ice cream on this episode but I'm not sure it'll make it go down easier.By Cullen Jennings, Jesse Knowles, Dan McKenney, and Persia
It's time to party til the sun comes up as the sixteen best nights duke it out from dusk til dawn! Personally, nighttime has always been terrifying. I would wrap my head and neck in three blankets as a kid so vampires wouldn't be able to suck my blood while I slept. My parents were more concerned about me suffocating myself but I'm 26 and still vam…
Listen up, gumshoes! The [BRACKET!] Archive has been stolen, and it's up to you to figure out which of these sixteen sleezebags stole the shows! Could it have been Nic Cage from National Treasure, or that dastardly DILF y Hamburglar? Did Catwoman pull of this caper or was it the nerfarious NFL Referees? Wait, what do you mean "Jesse stole a belt bu…
We've had a lot of fun over the years. We've done Best Cereal, Best Fast Food, Best Appetizer, Best Frozen Treat...but this? This episode? It's a no-holds-barred knife fight from start to finish. There is a standoff in the semifinals that I'm still upset about a week later. Brace yourself.By Cullen Jennings, Jesse Knowles, Dan McKenney, and Persia
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