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Jonathan T Gilliam: US Navy SEAL and FBI Special Agent

US Navy SEAL and FBI Special Agent Jonathan T Gilliam presents The EXPERTS! Finally, the unmedia media that uses real experts for analysis of current events instead of the usual talking heads and inexperienced ideologues. In-depth and sometimes hilarious dialogue abounds. Come along for the ride, THE TRUTH, HAS, ARRIVED! Show Music: Artist-BURNOS, Song-Octane
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Telling Leftists You Don’t Like Their Policies Doesn’t Change Their Minds. We are all mad and feeling oppressed and the only way to battle that is to use the leftists playbook against them. Start with unity and add action! Truth Has Arrived!By Jonathan T Gilliam
Pavlov Tricked Dogs Into Salivating, DC Tricked You Into Being Weak And Angry. Just like conditioning dogs to salivate when a bell was rang, leftists and the political machine have caused America to be divided and angry without even considering real solutions and the power of the people. Truth Has Arrived!…
I See Psychopaths And Narcissists Everywhere, Especially In Politics And Media. Look for the characteristic behaviors of both and compare them with the actions of politicians and media people and you will see, they are everywhere! Truth Has Arrived!By Jonathan T Gilliam
Gilliam and Dr Katie Kuhlman Discuss The Psyche Of Todays Society. Police in todays society face increasing oppression while carrying out their job to protect and serve. Patriots also suffer from the same oppression. This is how we battle the stress and forward movement of the left. Truth Has Arrived!…
Are You Being Used As A Prop For Your Political Party? Are you being told that you're oppressed, that you should be angry, or pushed to believe that everything will be fine if you follow our plan? Look past all the promises and fighting and ask yourself what's really happening. Truth Has Arrived!By Jonathan T Gilliam
Tim Scott’s Rebuttal To Joe Biden’s speech Was Missing One Big Thing, A REBUTTAL! Playing woke and talking unity is not what the conservatives need from the GOP. They need answers, participation and direction, three things the GOP just doesn't do! Truth Has Arrived!By Jonathan T Gilliam
The Socialist Democrat Ideology Is The Birth Canal For Megalomaniacs. When democrats are the victim of those megalomaniacs they are torn inside because what they believed to be truth suddenly develops a huge crack in its foundation. Truth Has Arrived!By Jonathan T Gilliam
The Leftist Media Narrative Is Now The Greatest Source Of Government “Intelligence." Plain and simple, Christopher Wray and the FBI along with the intelligence community have fallen to the leftist. This should concern you! Truth Has Arrived!By Jonathan T Gilliam
You May Love The Politicians, But The Politicians Don’t Love You! Establishment GOP are furthering the "politics as usual" dilemma that has lead to gimmick candidates. Why? Because they don't care about anything but making money and gaining power from the business of politics.By Jonathan T Gilliam
Totalitarianism In Our Nation Isn’t New, It Just Stopped Hiding. Years of leftists and careerists maneuvering within the political elite have brought our nation to the brink of totalitarianism. It's here, and we need to stand up to it, NOW! Truth Has Arrived!By Jonathan T Gilliam
The Political Family Tree Of Evil Strikes Again! Legalizing all drugs with no consequences, FBI lawyers falsifying information with no consequences, pretending you're a conservative when its beneficial and then turning left with no consequences; Actions of the family tree of evil in this nation have no consequences!…
Why You Are Called To Be A Patriot? The calling to patriotism is based in a knowledge and understanding of why and how this nation was founded as well as your own experience being free. It's what really being "woke" is all about. The left is just sleep walking... Truth Has Arrived!By Jonathan T Gilliam
Who Is Really Committing Voter Fraud In The US? The reality of what is happening in this nation isn't just about the evil grasp of socialism on a free nation, it's about a free citizenry willingly giving up their power to nefarious individuals on the left and the right. Truth Has Arrived!By Jonathan T Gilliam
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