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Is it dangerous to wake a sleepwalker? Is it a good idea to pee on your leg after a jellyfish sting? Join biologists Camden and Margaret as they explore and address these scientific misconceptions and many more! With new episodes every two weeks, join the discussion of scientific misconceptions, with the hope of you learning something you didn’t already know about the world! If you have scientific misconceptions that you’d like explained or want to provide feedback to us, please email us at ...
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On this very special first episode of "After Hours" misconceptions, Margaret and Camden are joined by their friend Brooke. They discuss if vodka-soaked tampons can make you drunk, if hand size correlates with penis size, and if hymens can "break" or determine "virginity". Parental advisory: this episode will contain some adult themes!…
On Episode 21, Camden and Margaret are joined by their friends, Lindsay and Chris! They discuss why "oxygen" tanks used for diving contain more than oxygen, how Earth's tilt causes seasons, whether you can suck the snake venom out of a bite, and if sugar causes you to be "hyper"!By Two Birds, One Scone
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