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Do you ever feel like you have this nagging voice that tells you that you are not enough or that there isn't enough in the world today? Well, you are not alone. I wanted to create a podcast that explores this very idea of fear and scarcity. It dominates our lives, yet rarely is talked about. It is a lens that convinces us that we are all alone, cut off, separate from everyone and everything. When just the opposite is true. My hope is that this podcast will be a heartfelt, honest, and playful ...
Meet Dan and Dan! Dan Reed, Music Director & Afternoon Host at WXPN in Philadelphia and Dan DeLuca, Music Critic and Columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer sit down on a bi-weekly basis to talk MUSIC! In addition to each show's main conversation, the guys tackle five current music news topics in our '2 Minute Drill', offer up their 'Songs of the Week', and ask you to participate with the 'Homework Assignment'!
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AN ALL-NEW BEST SHOW! JO FIRESTONE calls in to talk about her new special, Good Timing with Jo Firestone and St. Louis pizza! Phones ring on the topic - WHAT IS THE WORST WIFI NAME YOU'VE EVER SEEN? Tom gets a call from JOSHUA DELVECCHIO! BEST SHOW BOOK CLUB talk! MORE!
A BEST SHOW EVENT! NIGHT OF 1000 LITTLE STEVENS! Callers attempt their best Steven Van Zandt impressions for Tom! TIM HEIDECKER talks the new season of ON CINEMA! JEFF FEUERZEIG calls in with a Little Steven story! THE BEST SHOW BOOK CLUB is launched! WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT FROM A BEST SHOW?!
THE BEST SHOW IS BACK WITH A BANG! A few weeks ago, Tom suggested that we do a show called "TOM DOESN'T KNOW," where Jason, Mike and Pat plan the show and Tom will have no prior knowledge of what will occur. AND HERE WE ARE! Tonight's Guests (in order): GILBERT GOTTFRIED! STEVE GUNN! DOUBLE THREAT! THE GEORGE LUCAS TALK SHOW! WRECKLESS ERIC! NICK T…
WHAT A BEST SHOW! Phones ring on the topic: WHAT’S THE WORST MOMENT YOU’VE HEARD A CELL PHONE GO OFF? The guys try to come up with a nickname to honor Tom, all on their own with no guidance at all! Jason shares a tale from ROOSTERS CREEK! AP Mike debuts “A BALLAD OF A BROKEN BIZKIT BRO!”
#013 - It's hard to say how or when we begin to disconnect from our bodies, but no doubt it is an epidemic that millions of people suffer from. Often times we are not even aware it has happened until we begin to experience physical or emotional pain. Perhaps this is more of a Western phenomenon or the result of living in a technological age, but we…
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