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Several Democratic members of Congress have introduced legislation to immediately pack the Supreme Court with 4 Biden appointees. They are also urging Justice Breyer to immediately resign and give Biden a 5th justice. These partisan power grabs will destroy the legitimacy of the Judiciary. See for privacy information.…
The decision to charge Potter with manslaughter violates the terms of the statute which require the state to prove that a defendant “consciously takes chances of causing death.” The evidence fails to show that. The rule of the mob has prevailed over the rule of law. See for privacy information.…
The Biden Commission contains some good people but it also contains Radical Leftist Ideologues who want to reshape the courts in their Anti-Libertarian image. Who will prevail in this struggle for the soul of the American Judiciary? See for privacy information.By Alan Dershowitz | Kast Media
Yesterday Dr Martin Tobin offered unequivocal testimony that Floyd’s death had only one cause: Chauvin's knee on his neck. Will this compel Chauvin to take the stand? Should the prosecution end its case now? Have the dynamics changed? See for privacy information.By Alan Dershowitz | Kast Media
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