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Ricoplays and Kristos talk about the new expansion, patch notes, and beginning deck ideas! We also give @KuviraLor some love for being Rico's deck guy! RicoPlays1723 (@ElCharruaRico) / Twitter Kristos (@kristosiiVEVO) / Twitter Kuvira (@Kuvira_Lor) / Twitter CasualTryPodLoR (@casual_pod) / Twitter…
Rico and Kristos talk about the recently revealed world championship! We talk about what we like, what we don't like and what we want to see! RicoPlays1723 (@ElCharruaRico) / Twitter Kristos (@kristosiiVEVO) / Twitter CasualTryPodLoR (@casual_pod) / TwitterBy Anthony RicoPlays1723 and KristosiVevo
Ricoplays and Kristos go over the meta and take a deeper dive on the decks that they like! Also talk about recent twitter drama and bring back a blooper from episode 1! RicoPlays1723 (@ElCharruaRico) / Twitter Kristos (@kristosiiVEVO) / Twitter Kozmic (@KozmicPlays) / Twitter InfographicBy Anthony RicoPlays1723 and KristosiVevo
Ricoplays and Kristos go over patch 2.5, what they like, what they dislike, and what they think is coming in the future! RicoPlays1723 (@ElCharruaRico) / Twitter Kristos (@kristosiiVEVO) / Twitter CasualTryPodLoR (@casual_pod) / Twitter Casual Try Hard Podcast ( Anthony RicoPlays1723 and KristosiVevo
With one of the hosts sick, Rico calls in Profe from the Casual Try Hard MTG podcast to fill in. Like a trusty top deck, Profe does a wonderful job and the guys talk about whether certain Runeterra cards would fit in MTG and Vice-Versa. Since its an emergency episode, its fast and loose...just like Rico's playstyle! RicoPlays1723 (@ElCharruaRico) /…
One of Runeterra's biggest content creators stops by the show to talk Shurima with Rico and Kristos. They play overated/underated, top three and create their own Runeterra cards! And somehow peanut butter burgers also get brought up again... RicoPlays1723 (@ElCharruaRico) / Twitter SaucyMailman (@saucymailman) / Twitter Kristos (@kristosiiVEVO) / T…
We bring on our resident control expert Logan to talk about his insights on control in Runeterra. Rico rants about play design and Kristos gives his first impressions! Casual Try Hard Legends of Runeterra - YouTube @ElCharruaRico @kristosiiVEVO @casual_podBy Anthony RicoPlays1723 and KristosiVevo
RicoPlays and Kristos talk about the new Empires Of The Ascended Expansion! They first talk about the Cosmic Creation Tourney, the nerf to Aphelios and then talk about what excites them about the new expansion, also peanut butter burgers????By Anthony RicoPlays1723 and KristosiVevo
Ricoplays chats with First Seasonal Top 16 and Current Season Top 3 NA Server Legends of Runeterra Player, Jasensational! Jae talks about his beginnings with Runeterra, his tournament experience and where he wants to go as a Runeterra player! Kristos (@kristosiiVEVO) / Twitter @Jasensational CasualTryPodLoR@casual_pod RicoPl…
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