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Radio Free Borderlands is a show about D&D spanning the entire run of the game. You will get the past, present, and future of the game, along with product reviews, retro reviews, gaming advice, talk on the culture of gamers, and whatever can be shoehorned into the overall narrative of D&D. No matter what edition you play, you will find topics on it.
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GUEST CO-HOST: Al. SYNOPSIS: Tonight we had a discussion on using the wilderness and travel to the fullest, instead of simply rolling for encounters. From using the environment to add a challenge to peppering the journey with sights and interactions, we talk all the ways to make the travel part of the adventure.…
SYNOPSIS: Dan goes back to some missed 5th ed. products that could use a review but didn't due to the lack of content of each on their own. Included are the DM's Screen, DM's Screen Reincarnated, D&D Adventure Grid, Dungeonology, Character Sheet Folder, and Cloud Giant's Bargain.
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