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Welcome to the Bureau. I’m Adam, a police detective that helps authors and screenwriters with answers to their questions about police work and investigative procedures in their crime-related fiction. This podcast is all about helping you get answers for your crime-fiction. You can send me questions for an upcoming episode by going to writersdetecti…
Adam talks about whether a wiretap investigation has to target a specific person and how you find out if you’ve been recorded as part of a wiretap investigation, what items get kept as evidence and what property gets returned to a victim, and counter-surveillance techniques. Transcript:…
Adam talks about the things that police work teaches cops about daily life, prosecuting a serial killer when not all of the victims have been found, and how someone on federal supervised release would be wanted by the US Marshals. Transcript: Det. Adam Richardson
Adam talks about the perils of privatizing of police work, the driving philosophy of law enforcement and how you can differentiate your characters by how they view the job, and what happens when a screwdriver is used as a weapon to the chest. Transcript: Det. Adam Richardson
Adam answers your questions about the role subject matter experts play in an investigation, the real purpose behind those red dot lasers sights for firearms, and his thoughts behind approaching a suspect you want to interview. Transcript and shownotes are available at Det. Adam Richardson
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