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Elisabeth Braw, scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, presents 'On the Cusp' which focuses on how governments, business and civil society can work together to strengthen countries' defence against existing and emerging threats. Each episode she interviews a guest who is a leader in their respective field.
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Host Elisabeth Braw, speaks to Member of the European Parliament Andrius Kubilius about Belarus force landing a plan carrying Belarusian dissident journalist Roman Protasevich. They also discuss authoritarian leader Lukashenka flooding the Lithuanian border with Middle Eastern migrants in response to European Union sanctions. Mr. Kubilius is the ch…
Host, Elisabeth Braw, speaks to US Congressman Jim Langevin about how cyber aggression fissures belief in the government and derails our everyday lives. They talk ransomware, preparing the public for national emergencies, and dis-/mis-information campaigns that have impacted US politics. Rep Langevin is a senior member of the House Armed Services C…
Host, Elisabeth Braw, speaks to Mark Dickinson, Space Data Association Chairman and Executive Director, about the dark side of space start-ups, the dangers of overcrowding and space debris, the rise of space weapons, and why we need regulations or norms to guide behaviors in space.By Elisabeth Braw
Host, Elisabeth Braw, speaks to Ciaran Martin, founding chief executive of the UK National Cyber Security Centre, about Biden's response to the Solar Winds cyber attack, lessons we can learn from the Bank of Bangladesh heist about emerging cyber crimes, and cyber resilience.By Elisabeth Braw
Host, Elisabeth Braw, speaks with Chris Inglis, nominee for the United States' first-ever National Cyber Director, about cyber aggression, how to create systems to encourage "good behavior" online, and how the private sector should be part of the solution.By Elisabeth Braw
Host, Elisabeth Braw, speaks to Major General (ret.) Ed Wilson, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Policy in the Trump administration, about how governments can respond to cyber aggression, what deterrence works against cyber warfare, and the difficulties of attribution in the grayzone.By Elisabeth Braw
Host, Elisabeth Braw, speaks with Rear Admiral (ret.) Mark Montgomery, executive director of the US Cyberspace Solarium Commission, about the difficulties Western governments face in deterring Chinese and Russian aggression in the gray-zone, particularly economic coercion and cyber-attacks.By Elisabeth Braw
Host, Elisabeth Braw, discusses the recent Solar Winds attack against US government agencies with Brigadier General (Ret.) Guy Walsh. Together, they examine the changing rules of cyber warfare and cyber deterrence and explain why it is more important than ever for the US military to partner with the private sector to protect civil society.…
Globalisation is the new frontline of great-power competition. What does it mean China has cornered the market for rare earth processing (think smartphones and electric car batteries)? What about global choke points that can be exploited by countries wishing to harm each other? Elisabeth Braw discusses with professors Henry Farrell and Abraham Newm…
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