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"It's like Steve Martin meets Steve Forbes." - Jim Stovall - NY Times Best Selling Author. Experience business school without the BS with former US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Clay Clark and the optometrist turned business tycoon Doctor Robert Zoellner. This award-winning team has been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, Bloomberg, Pando Daily, etc.
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Rich Hyde shares how he was able to DOUBLE THE SIZE of his company American Chimney, Gutter, and Roofing by diligently implementing the proven systems, processes, and super moves taught by the business coaching team.By Clay Clark
Nolan Bushnell shares why uninformed decisions are toxic, why you always have to be a little paranoid to be a successful entrepreneur, how he founded Atari, why Steve Jobs was the hardest working employee on the planet, how he scaled Chuck E. Cheese, why you must work to learn and not to just earn and what it was like being Steve Jobs’ first boss.…
The celebrated Maestro Roger Nierenberg joins us to share about what it’s like to conduct appearances for the National Symphony, the Opera Theatre of Saint Louis, the Detroit Symphony, the Saint Louis Symphony, the Baltimore Symphony, and many other great American orchestras.By Clay Clark
Jordan Harbinger is the host of the Jordan Harbinger Show who has interviewed Kobe Bryant, Howie Mandel, Reid Hoffman, Simon Sinek, Mike Rowe, Ray Dalio, Tony Hawk, Dennis Rodman, and Mark Cuban just to name a few.By Clay Clark
Pastor Che Ahn shares that Matthew 5:11 was and is true when it states, “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.” Pastor Brian and Jessi Gibson and Jenks City Council member Cory BoxBy Clay Clark
Today’s guest was named by TIME MAGAZINE as one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People and he’s been interviewed 20 times on NBC’s TODAY show and he’s here to talk about his new book, The Ministry of Common Sense: How to Eliminate Bureaucratic Red Tape, Bad Excuses, and Corporate BS.By Clay Clark
Pastor Dave Scarlett of HIS Glory joins us to share about the imminent return of Christ, the Harpazo of the church and “The Tribulation.” Text “Truth” to 918-552-5142 to Receive 38 Non-Delusional Reasons for HopeBy Clay Clark
Investigative journalist Ann Vandersteel shares 45 non-delusional fact-based reasons for hope and optimism as it relates to President Trump’s election. Get the FACTS cited on today’s show by texting “Truth” to 918-552-5142By Clay Clark
The ex-DEA special agent and former DIA intelligence officer Jeffrey Prather exposes the depths of the DEEP STATE and the Washington DC Swamp while sharing why President Trump must use the U.S. military to defend American freedom.By Clay Clark
A former squadron commander in the U.S. Airforce and former Lt. The Colonel who once served in the United States Pentagon joins us to share non-delusional fact-based reasons for HOPE. Text “Truth” to 918-552-5142 to Receive 38 Non-Delusional Reasons for HopeBy Clay Clark
The former atheist turned Christian podcast host Kira Davis shares with us how conservative thought is being banned from coast to coast, how America is losing their human rights, why there is a war on God in American and why California is turning into a RED STATE.By Clay Clark
The prolific inventor and entrepreneur Fran Guerra shares how he is turning plastic into fuel, how he pays 4% income tax, how he successfully turns around businesses and why now is the time to bring manufacturing back to America.By Clay Clark
Ann Vandersteel shares the truth behind the Nashville bombing/explosion, the betrayal in the White House, the mechanics of the 2020 election fraud, the jaw-dropping knowledge bombs being dropped by attorney Lin Wood and the news sources that you can trust.By Clay Clark
The host of “Man In America" shares about THE PLOT TO STEAL AMERICA and what made Joe Biden qualified to run as the Democrat presidential candidate of the United States. Miss. Venezuela 1984, Carmen Maria Montiel also shares how Venezuela lost its freedomBy Clay Clark
The best-selling author of “DEEP STATE TARGET: How I got caught in the crosshairs of the plot to bring down President Trump” shares the TRUTH about the 2020 election fraud and what it is like to become a target of the DEEP STATE.By Clay Clark
President Trump has confirmed he will be in attendance and you should be too!!! The time to stand with President Trump and to fight for your freedoms is NOW!!! Charlene Bollinger joins us to share the details about Clay Clark
Michelle Seiler Tucker is a best-selling author who is a 20-year veteran in mergers and acquisitions and she joins us to share how to build a sellable and scalable business and then Matt Kline the franchise brand developer for OXI Fresh shares why on-going advertising is the gasoline that your business vehicle needs.…
Pastor Phil Hotsenpiller of shares why he will never shut the doors to his church again, despite the Unconstitutional lockdowns, and tyrannical mandates. He also shares why pandemics do not suspend U.S. Constitution and that we must obey God, but be subject to the governing authorities…
The Emmy-award-winning and New York Times best-selling author and investigative journalist, Sharyl Attkisson shares about how and why the mainstream media is manipulating, slanting, and censoring the newsBy Clay Clark
The newly freed Roger Stone shares the importance of joining President Trump in Washington DC on January 6th 2021 to show your support for freedom in this epic fight between light and darkness + Charlene Bollinger joins.By Clay Clark
Clay Clark shares why 2020 is the year where America will CLEARLY SEE the TRUTH about the industrial level medical and election fraud while also sharing the audio of Kenneth Hagin Senior’s EPIC and ACCURATE 1963 prophecy for America and the Kim Clement Trump prophecies for America.By Clay Clark
Clay Clark breaks down the proven processes and systems for effectively leading a staff and business meeting while encouraging you to come to Washington DC to support President Trump on January 6th 2021.By Clay Clark
Many great Americans like YOU are wondering, when are we going to see some action? Clay Clark breaks down why now is GO TIME for President Trump and 20 specific reasons to believe President Trump will stop the steal of the 2020 election.By Clay Clark
Aaron Antis the director of Shaw Homes, Paul Hood of Hood CPAs, and Clay Clark share their business book recommendations for ambitious entrepreneurs, they interview the author Harley Liechty about his new book Pathetically Apathetic and Raj Doraisamy joins us share about the WIDESPREAD VOTER FRAUD.By Clay Clark
Pastor David Scarlett breaks down President Trump’s “Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election” and why you can trust Western Journal, One America News, EPOCH Times, Prophet Amanda Grace, General Flynn, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood.By Clay Clark
Jarrin Jackson, the West Point graduate, Army Ranger, Paratrooper, business owner, and follower of Christ shares why President Trump’s recent actions as the Commander in Chief are not those of a man leaving office any time soon.By Clay Clark
Featuring a re-airing of SteelTruth show featuring Ann Vandersteel. The White House General Counsel Pasquale Anthony "Pat" Cipollone LEAKED FALSE INFORMATION to the media about the 4.5 hour meeting President Trump had with Patrick M. Byrne (The Founder of, Sidney Powell, and General Flynn.…
The founder of My Pillow, Mike Lindell shares the TRUTH the “Cancel Culture,” why now is the time to stand up against freedom-killing injustice and government corruption. He also asks why medical officials are not allowed to treat patients with proven COVID-19 treatments.By Clay Clark
Clay shares audio from his recent appearance on the America Can We Talk talkshow, while showcasing the full audio of General Michael Flynn’s full encouraging patriotic speech delivered on December 12th 2020.By Clay Clark
Joe Oltmann is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Pin Business Network who is exposing the Director of Strategy and Security for DOMINION Voting Systems for being a member of ANTIFA.By Clay Clark
Are you struggling to explain the COVID-19 medical fraud to your friends and family? Listen in as Aaron Antis of Shaw Homes attempts to explain the COVID-19 Medical Fraud to another man who is wearing a mask while eating an ice cream cone in a hot tub.By Clay Clark
Rabbi Lapin joins us to share about America’s real war and why American simply cannot survive if it becomes a secular nation & the Executive Director of America Restored Tomi Collins explains the epic Voter Fraud of 2020By Clay Clark
The founder and CEO of America’s Black Robe Regiment Reverend William Cook shares why now is the time to resist and to not comply with the unconstitutional tyrannical mandates & Doctor Mark Sherwood shares how to proactively protect yourself from COVID-19By Clay Clark
Why Richard Martin is seeking for Bill Gates to be charged for being a domestic terrorist, why Governor Murphy of New Jersey will be exposed for his corruption and what you can do to fight back against the gradual and dramatic erosion of your American rights.By Clay Clark
Doctor Andy Wakefield shares the horrific truth about what is inside the COVID-19 vaccines and why it is simply unacceptable to go against the medical and big-pharma industry? The seven sinister aspects of the COVID-19 vaccines.By Clay Clark
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