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Liv and Manny start looking closer at the anticipated systems coming in Dragonflight. With another set of interviews throughout the week, information continues to be uncovered. Our hosts review what we know so far about the New Talent Trees and the Professional Revamp; and, consider how these will play out in the upcoming expansion!…
Following the long-anticipated game development announcements on April 19th, TruVillainManny (For Azeroth!) sits with Narrative Lead Designer Steven Danuser to talk all things World of Warcraft and the upcoming Dragonflight expansion. The interview covers the all new regions in the Dragon Isles, the Dragon Aspects and central themes surrounding the…
Jared and Manny bury the lead under all the huge news of the week. There is a new build up on the PTR, the Creation Catalyst is online, Cross-server organizations get the ban hammer, and then there was this little thing about the Faction Divide. Strap in for a monster episode!By Manny Thomas and Jared Arnold.
We had a plan for this episode and then we went on so many tangents that we ended up throwing out half the show notes. This episode covers some new elements added into the latest build of 9.1.5 on the PTR and a lot of conversations that spring from that.By Manny Thomas and Jared Arnold.
Jared and Manny return to give an update on the situation at Activision Blizzard and the future of the show. They then dive into the ups and downs of the Shards of Domination, the recent bugged Time Walking exp, and disturbance in Revendreth. All this in this week's episode of For Azeroth!By Manny Thomas and Jared Arnold.
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