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Learn & Grow with Moe

Learn & Grow with Moe

The Infinitely Divine Chandreia Monique (MOE)

We've come together to create something wonderful for people just like us, that have gone through so many things on this journey we are all on called "LIFE". Our intent is to offer a bit of insight for those that are struggling to find their way. We are all about building strong interpersonal relationships by telling our listeners how we have overcome certain situations. We are intuned to our higher selves and we want the same for you. Everyone is welcomed here as long as you can respectful ...
The Analytics Power Hour

The Analytics Power Hour

Michael Helbling, Tim Wilson, and Moe Kiss

Attend any conference for any topic and you will hear people saying after that the best and most informative discussions happened in the bar after the show.Ready any business magazine and you will find an article saying something along the lines of โ€œBusiness Analytics is the hottest job category out there, and there is a significant lack of people, process and best practice.โ€In this case the conference was eMetrics, the bar wasโ€ฆ.multiple, and the attendees were Michael Helbling, Tim Wilson a ...
The Heart and Hustle Podcast is a weekly podcast created for women of color entrepreneurs to have a place to talk business and life. Join us every Thursday as we discuss a variety of topics from focusing on your brand to dealing with being an introvert. Angelica Yarde, a designer, developer, and public speaker, shares from her decade-long business and branding experience while Charisma O'Keefe, a social media and branding consulting, shares from experience as designer and what she does when ...
This is Online With Amr The Internet Guy! The show focuses on entrepreneurs and business owners to help them become more successful in conducting their business on the web without being stuck with Technology, getting a headache, pulling their hairs out, or buying expensive software. In this Show and Podcast, we will be sharing many tips and quick hacks to help you get ahead of your competition. Most of the episodes will be in an "interview" format with Industry leaders, Web experts and Entre ...
The Weight Loss Surgery Podcast is created by Reeger Cortell, FNP for the WLS community. Reeger created WLS Podcast with three main objectives: 1) Provide evidenced-based education 2) Motivate through unwaivering belief in a persons ability to stay on track to their goals and to take charge of their lives. 3) Inspire people during all phases of the WLS journey to remain focused on what's most important: Safe, optimal, life-long health and wellness.
The Music Plays the Band is a podcast from Dark Star Orchestra Drummer Rob Koritz about the influence of the Grateful Dead on the life and career of professional musicians from the jamband world and beyond. With the premise being musicians who like the Grateful Dead really love talking about the Grateful Dead, Rob has long form conversations with some of your favorite musicians about how they got turned on to the band and the impact it had on their life, music and careers. In addition to the ...
Making the world a better place has been humanityโ€™s collective dream beyond the reach of memory. Though a challenging goal, it isn't an impossible task. The first step in achieving this is looking at the most important player of change: you. Welcome to The JOY of LIVING Podcast. Followed by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, this show guides you in looking inward, experiencing transformation, and finding the good in life. If you want to achieve purpose, power, and positivity, ...
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What do we desire? As human beings, do we really know? Sometimes it's hard to act on what we truly desire. Now is the time for us to learn to start acting on our desires and experiencing all that life has to offer us. If nothing else, this past year is a clear indicator of just how far one can, go on money alone, or shall I say when there is no monโ€ฆ
Just walk away already. Don't you think you have learned enough lessons yet? How many times will you allow the same people to run the same game on your ass? Stop giving into situations that don't serve you. Stop begging people to accept you. Let them go. They will cling to you for dear life. when they do realize that you are leaving, but guess whatโ€ฆ
In episode 2 of season 2, Jake and Jeffrey discuss cause-centric commerce, democratizing the wine industry, giving hope, and much moreโ€ฆ. Learn more: One Hope Wine website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube; 20/20 Collective; After the Fire USA Jake Kloberdanz founded ONEHOPE in 2007 where he has served as CEO for 13 years. ONEHOPE empowers peopโ€ฆ
Welcome to the one hundred and ninety-third episode of the Heart + Hustle Podcast! Today we're sharing goals for our product-businesses, Angelica's service-based business, Charisma's non-profit organization, and as well as two personal goals. We also quickly go over why SMART goals are best and how to set those up for yourselves.For show notes and โ€ฆ
As human beings, we sometimes feel as though we are forced to make decisions. Truth is, we are. There is only so much time in a day. When you combine that with the fact that our minds are constantly moving with all types of thoughts. Some of these thoughts can even keep you up at night because seem to hear them even when everything else is off in yโ€ฆ
The Ambassador of JOY, Barry Shore, is honored to introduce to our worldwide audience Moe Rock. Moe is an angel investor, producer and speaker from Orange County, California. After a storied career in the Entertainment industry as a producer he began exploring different industries. He has a book coming out co-authored by Dennis Waitley, one of the โ€ฆ
Mistakes happen. In healthy work environments, not only is that fact acknowledged, itโ€™s recognized as an opportunity to learn. Thatโ€™s something JD Long has been thinking about quite a bit over the past few years, and he joined the show for a chat about psychological safety: what it is, why itโ€™s important, and different techniques for engendering itโ€ฆ
Mistakes happen. In healthy work environments, not only is that fact acknowledged, it's recognized as an opportunity to learn. That's something JD Long has been thinking about quite a bit over the past few years, and he joined the show for a chat about psychological safety: what it is, why it's important, and different techniques for engendering itโ€ฆ
Welcome to 2022! I finally got a chance to sit down and think about what I could contribute to my podcast family to help start off the new year. I decided to give my listeners a little insight into how I make my moves on a everyday basis. Big Moe joined me as we discussed Focus, Money, Health, and Friendships/Social Media Friends. These tips are geโ€ฆ
This Episode Contains Adult Language! This was a very very fun and interesting episode. We seem to learn so much about each other every time we have a session. The chemistry between the Homiez is crazy, and it builds a good amount of trust. So we opened up today and talked about ways to avoid conflict, and resolve it as well when dealing with your โ€ฆ
Anyone who has ever had a dream can very well attest to the fact that it is the people that don't know you that will provide you with the most support. It's sad but true, and we all know those types of people that sit around laughing, and ill-wishing, all while you struggle to make your dreams come true. The people will never support you or patroniโ€ฆ
In the season 2 opener, Marion and Jeffrey discuss Marionโ€™s public health work, cannabis research, living and working in Ethiopia, and much moreโ€ฆ Episodes are now available on YouTube, and season 2 episodes will all include videos of the interviews! Learn more: Cannabis Center of Excellence DONATE, website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter; Tโ€ฆ
The END! All things come to an end. Good or bad, nothing lasts forever. We promise our hearts to others not realizing that just as sure as the wheel spins, the changes will come. Try though you might, you have done all that you could in this situation. It is not your fault that other parties involved cannot change their perspective on the obvious oโ€ฆ
The Ambassador Of JOY, Barry Shore, is THRILLED to host the giant of Networking, Joe Apfelbaum. Joe is the CEO of Ajax Union a B2B digital marketing agency. He is the author of High Energy Networking, a book that teaches professionals how to build mutually beneficial relationships in business. He is an acclaimed LinkedIn Trainer teaching sales profโ€ฆ
Welcome to the one hundred and ninety-second episode of the Heart + Hustle Podcast! Today we're sharing five non-traditional systems to implement into your business this year to increase productivity, drive results, and hire top talent.For show notes and a list of everything we talked about, visit the hosts: Angelโ€ฆ
People say a lot of mean things to each other during an impending break-up. They never miss what they had until it's gone. They huff themselves up with pride when they know full well that they are the weakest link in the relationship. They say hurtful things and like always they say it thinking that the grass is greener on the other side..Then theyโ€ฆ
Your thoughts are ruining your life. Stop thinking beloved and get out of your head. We waste way too much time way too often thinking, re-thinking and, overthinking situations in our lives that we start to let those thoughts overtake us and in some cases cause us to make the wrong decisions. Worrying about people specifically, especially those thaโ€ฆ
This Episode Contains Adult Language! This was our 1st episode of 2022. We had a fun time talking about everything we did over the holidays. Unfortunately Big Homie Moe was hit with Covid 19, but has since started to feel better and is moving around again. We talked about maintaining money in 2022, as well as making our craft at creating content beโ€ฆ
Answer the call. There are times in our lives that we want something so bad that we will do almost anything to obtain it. It is in these times that our actions to obtain what we want can be considered reckless, deceptive, or shameful. Since the beginning of time, mankind has been doing whatever it takes to get ahead. Listen to your conscious, when โ€ฆ
Don't beat yourself up or feel bad for doing what is best for you. Never torture yourself by staying in any relationship that you no longer feel good about. It's an inevitable situation and a part of the growth process of life to move on from people, places, and things that no longer serve us. So, you can sit there wallowing in your unhappiness andโ€ฆ
The Ambassador of Joy, Barry Shore, is pleased to SHARE the creator of the Reality TV Series The Kindness Factor. Randy McNeely is an author, speaker, singer, song writer, podcast host, executive producer, passionate kindness advocate, and kindness leadership coach. Randy is the author of "The Kindness Givers' Formula," sharing a simple yet powerfuโ€ฆ
Do you know that you are really the only person you can trust? People make the horrible mistake of putting their faith and trust in man when every man is human and prone to making mistakes and bad judgments. People will choose themselves over you every time for a number of reasons without a second thought about you will be affected. Learn to read aโ€ฆ
We did it! Another year in the books, and 2021 was a bit of a ride. As we do every year, on this episode we reflect a little bit on the podcast and then a lot on the industry: what the major themes of 2021 were, and what we think might be coming in 2022. Google Analytics 4, 3rd party cookies, remote work and Zoom meetings, and even the metaverse! Pโ€ฆ
This Episode Contains Adult Language! Merry Christmas from the BobbyDollazShow family. I celebrated the last holiday of the year with the Big Homie Moe. We talked about growing up and enjoying what we had for Christmas, and all the things we have done for our families as men, for Christmas. This was a fun and entertaining episode that you will enjoโ€ฆ
Welcome to the streets of Trotwood, OH. A city where getting it how you live is a real factor of life. Marcus was a young kid in a world he was building for himself, without a father in his life, he took every move he made seriously, even as a kid. Then one day he meets Norman, and after a rough start, they become the cities biggest earners the strโ€ฆ
This Episode Contains Adult Language! After we had a slight change of plans, I got a chance to sit down with New Podcaster GiGi. She has been setting her mark on the podcast communities as of late, and the listeners are feeling her vibe. We had a good talk about her life and a few events that helped shape who she has become as a woman of today. Beiโ€ฆ
Often times we feel disappointed or disillusioned when we have a vision or a dream that does not materialize the way we anticipated. In those times, it is easy to get depressed, fall into a slump, or feel as though we don't have what it takes to be successful in our endeavors. It is in those times that we must pull ourselves together and muster up โ€ฆ
This week Rob has a lengthy conversation with guitarist, Al Schnier. Al is a dyed in the wool Deadhead and shares his journey with us and how it has influenced his experience with longtime jamband stalwarts, moe. Amongst other things, we learn how starting your musical journey at a young age can impact you forever, how the songwriting of Hunter andโ€ฆ
Welcome to the one hundred and ninety-first episode of the Heart + Hustle Podcast! Today we're sharing some negative behaviors to leave behind in 2021 to start your 2022 off anew.For show notes and a list of everything we talked about, visit the hosts: Angelica Yarde ( and Charisma O'Keโ€ฆ
Sometimes all we need to do is take a good hard look at ourselves to see what we need to change before we attempt to change others. As for myself, I am trying to be more accepting of others especially when they are different from me. I value all opinions and perspectives because that is what makes us all unique. I do not appreciate being made to feโ€ฆ
Your ass is toxic too...Just know it and own up to it. That is all that I have to say. ๐Ÿ˜’ Digital Bliss SEO Get online today, we can show you how and it won't cost you an arm and a leg. Support the show (
Some things are done just for the entertainment of others. Life is a stage, a game, a play to be acted out. Our favorite singers, rappers, pastors, etc are all on stage for our entertainment. Sometimes things come into our lives that are strictly for our entertainment, meaning that it is not meant to be shared with others and could come in the formโ€ฆ
Wouldn't life be easier if people would just come out and say what they mean and mean what they say? When you lie to people to get what you want. Whether it be love, financial status, or other relationships we need to approach people with nothing but the truth so that in turn, they can make the best decision for them based on your truth. Digital Blโ€ฆ
Endings are always hard, but you can get over them and rebuild your life. Don't waste precious time and energy wondering or worrying about a situation or its outcome. Whatever they have is good for them. If it is believed that what is obtained is better than you (sometimes it is) ๐Ÿ˜, then let them find out. Accept it wish them well and move on. Whetโ€ฆ
Welcome to the one hundred and ninetieth episode of the Heart + Hustle Podcast! Today we're sharing our favorite books, movies, music, podcasts, and TV shows of the year.For show notes and a list of everything we talked about, visit the hosts: Angelica Yarde ( and Charisma O'Keefe (twitโ€ฆ
How many times can you say the same thing to a person over and over again, until you get tired? You might be wondering if they took the short yellow bus or if they are seriously just not interested in doing what is required to make the relationship work? Say less, because ain't nobody got time for that. Besides, this person has not changed and cannโ€ฆ
They wanted to see you suffer. They wanted the storms and pressures of life to rain down hard on you. They don't want the best for you and if you have left them, leave them where you found them. This person doesn't have any good intentions for you. Be careful when dealing with people. This person is mentally unstable and could hurt you. Be careful.โ€ฆ
If youโ€™re healthy and productive, you have an obligation to give back and help make the world a better place. The art of giving is one of the BIG reasons as to why you were put in this world. Join the Ambassador Of JOY, Barry Shore as he is honored to talk to one of the worldโ€™s most successful Poker Players AND Philanthropists, Gershon Distenfeld. โ€ฆ
Some would say that, given the breadth and depth of data that is available to businesses these days, a surefire path to business value is to load up a department with smart data scientists, task them with developing a solid machine learning strategy, and then execute that strategy. The people whoโ€™ve said that might take issue with this episode. Casโ€ฆ
Some would say that, given the breadth and depth of data that is available to businesses these days, a surefire path to business value is to load up a department with smart data scientists, task them with developing a solid machine learning strategy, and then execute that strategy. The people who've said that might take issue with this episode. Casโ€ฆ
Be extremely careful of what you receive from people. Some people send you things via email, text message, Amazon, and social media. It's not good to receive everything from everybody as everybody does not have your best interest at heart. Starting today, look at what is being sent to you and by who. Use your discernment to determine whether or notโ€ฆ
Be careful who you trust around your children. A lot of heartless people like to use children to accomplish their goals. It's sad because it is the people you love the most, that do this type of thing to you. Enough is enough. Remove low vibrational people from your life if you want to see things get better for you. If you would like to contact me,โ€ฆ
The only way to not have expectations is to see every indiscretion as a lesson, that way there are no enemies, just lessons learned. You can't be mad at someone who teaches you something about them that you didn't know. Instead of being angry, just realize that they are human (no matter how schtoopid they are). For the ones that show you who they aโ€ฆ
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