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Market Vitals trading veterans Matt Davio @MissTrade and Robert Heffernan @HFRfromtheFloor bring their 60 plus years of experience trading everything from commodities and stocks to agricultural products and crypto. With an eye towards how popular trends show up in price discovery, they give an honest viewpoint from a profit and risk frame of reference. They also cover current topics from sports to music and many things pop culture inspired. At the end of the day your trading profitability de ...
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@HotepJesus demolishes Race Cards. @hfrfromthefloor takes @ChicagoBears Leap of Faith We lay out friday @CFBPlayoff Parlay. $USDTRY and Turkey Talk $DXY reigns supreme $HGX new home sales in toilet $LBS_F. Emotional Rescue WeekendBy Market Vitals
@jonnajarian questions @KingJames dedication to inner peace & @calm @hfrfromthefloor shares @jimiuorio poll on @POTUS energy policy $CL_F C19 names getting flushed with Narratives $ZM $TDOC Autos fundamentals matter at some point $GM $F $TSLA $VWAGY ChipsBy Market Vitals
Best Sports week since 2006 @UMichFootball vs @OhioStateFB Let's go Blue!! another 3 team @CFBPlayoff Parlay winner @hfrfromthefloor German Health Ministry says 1-5k have Adverse Reactions $RBLX $CRM $DDOG $NET $TSLA right sides showing $DXY_F flying high https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1mnGedbWnqYKX…
All @UMichFootball praying for @OhioStateFB over Lil Bro @MSU_Football @hfrfromthefloor thought Kitchens were safe zones #AntonioBrown Toilet Taper effecting $RTY_F $YM_F vs $ES_F $NQ_F new highs. 2 Parlays this week @CFBPlayoff Stay on @NFL heavy Faves https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1gqxvlmwPnpGBBy Market Vitals
Megawatts Solar Which Country does most $FSLR $CSIQ @hfrfromthefloor is for clean air & water vs political Grift in the name of climate FOMC Reverse Repo, anyone care to explain move and effects long term? $DLTR $DDS $BABA $BBY $AMZN $XRT retail thru roofBy Market Vitals
@barstoolsports top10 Women Singer meh @hfrfromthefloor what about @JossStone, Ella, Etta? Its Electric $LCID $RIVN $BLNK fools and their late money. Ratings Matter in @CFBPlayoff and Energy Policy $Cl_F $XLE @CMEGroup nickel slots growing 1billion Trade https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1BdGYwprYZZxX…
Brought to you by $PFE @hfrfromthefloor says writing @david_perell just like trading, its a process & comes w/ pain/pleasure. TY @DeniseKShull 4 vitamin D info, not brought to you by $PFE $NG_F en fuego take profits $PENN new lows on way @stoolpresidente https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1ypJdEzgljVxW…
Hot Xmas Gifts and Wrapping Ideas @hfrfromthefloor Ironic push for oil in other people's Deserts. @paxtrader777 skitching old skool. $TSLA right sides $ZB_F $CRWD $CROX $SAM! @UMichFootball dominating OL/DL $HE_F spreads working flipping SD lines @Lions https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1vAxRkPqgprKlBy Market Vitals
@elonmusk sells $5billion $TSLA so far. @wearejames with their 19th studio drop worth a listen @hfrfromthefloor wonders why people are quitting 4.4 million jobs @dlortega shares Chinese Hog Hoarding $HE_F Hog Spread Idea $BMBL stumbles 3 team Parlay playedBy Market Vitals
@Jkylebass perfecto Veterans Day Tribute @hfrfromthefloor hard no on "Meta Verse" Data consumption infographic nauseates. Fertilizer prices thru the roof $CF $NTR $SMG $MOS suprisingly good charts. Higher food prices $ZC_F $ZS_F $ZW_F @umichbball 12/1 https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1lDGLLYeQzoGmBy Market Vitals
@chigrl points out Propane Stocks off as polar vortex Collapses into Euro/USA $NG_F $CL_F on sale again @hfrfromthefloor feels "$TWTR Blue" $TSLA OTM puts w Action @ScottNations France and Germany stop $MRNA $PFE jabs @BrettKing creating False Narratives https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1nAKEYXoXLVKL…
@GavinNewsom casting call 4 Salt N Peppa lookalikes Roy Epps didn't kill himself @hfrfromthefloor explains why Sports Gambling is just another commodity a dead end street. PPI record high $CMPS speaking of Mushrooms bad round trip $GEZ22 @CMEActiveTraderBy Market Vitals
Upside World Continues w @trvisXX @RepMTG @SpeakerPelosi ringing Crazy Daily, @hfrfromthefloor says Dominos falling whether on MSM or not. $AMZN $WMT @drewbrees post economic and acting like a lil biatch @AaronRodgers12 does what he should do, Stand up! https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1lDGLLYdroaGmBy Market Vitals
@profile_madison shares "TrAnSiToRy pricing" @hfrfromthefloor with fave xmas catalogs? Right Sided Pandemic Themes Breaking $MRNA $PFE $MRK $ROKU $ZM $PTON $FVRR $LULU $ETSY long dated puts pay large @CFBPlayoff week 10 3 team Parlay and Underdog of weekBy Market Vitals
Mercury enters Scorpio on 11/5, clarity coming? @hfrfromthefloor "get an unvaccinated girl" and thinks @RollingStones should write song @DWhitmanBTC $NQ_F up 13.4% since 10/1 $PENN on its way to $40 from the Stratosphere. $100 off sale @stoolpresidenteBy Market Vitals
@solerpower12 WS Winning Bomb @Braves@hfrfromthefloor reminisces about Joe Carter @jimiuorio@BlueJays '93. $SNAP $Z right sides winning. Small Red Wave in DC burbs @GlennYoungkin Peeps have spoke and they don't like WOKE $ZB_F $DXY $RTY_F $GC_F $SI_FBy Market Vitals
Good time of the month to check your Monthly Levels $TSLA $CAR $BYND $AAL $ETH $BTC $PTON $MRNA @hfrfromthefloor wants 2 bring back 70's ABA Hoops shorts @VonMiller @RamsNFL NFC Champs coming 2 LA. @Braves back @astros game 6 @elonmusk offers food 4 proofBy Market Vitals
@NFL bets down for the week but the one @hfrfromthefloor says @CFBPlayoff Paying the bills as usual w strong 2 team parlay, $TSLA & "TITS" watch the show 2 learn @elonmusk hope for great mascot. $BTCUSD choppin brocolli $COIN $MARA vs $RIOT trade $ZW_FBy Market Vitals
Shadow bans are real on $TWTR in the "Make Everything Trump again" world! #META @hfrfromthefloor wonders what is the protein capacity of N. American Grasslands? $AMZN $AAPL Beans and Corn nice moves $ZS_F $ZC_F Growth dbl tops vs Value Fundy's don't matterBy Market Vitals
@ChicagoBears "Fire Nagy" @hfrfromthefloor says visit "Tuffanos" for Italian in Chi Town. $TYS on sale so is Jack $BF.B & Coke $KO LGB tops $AAPL w earnings coming after closing today. China mocks woke Climate change/ Fake meat w Hog Farms and Coal plants https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1OyKADwLYpLxb…
@NewWorldMan1967 talks Lightning Strikes vs C19 @hfrfromthefloor & his @ChicagoBears "Sabotage" @Braves in 5 $NQ_F thru the moon $MSFT $GOOG $CL_F Putin vs Cramer $DDS offering C19 cures $XRT stuck $MO Dividend %7.5 smoke em if you got em $M $KSS #MGoBlue https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1OyKADwVnVbxb…
@EnesKanter takes on Woke Culture of @NBA #CCP wisely because won't be fans left soon at this pace @hfrfromthefloor sings lil' bruh fight song down by the Red Cedar. $TSLA reversed $100 hard today. $F $GM worth 1/7th of $TSLA combined $ZB_F fading $NKEBy Market Vitals
Let's Go Brandon Pumpkin Carving contest winner #LgB #FJB $TSLA $1T @hfrfromthefloor $CL_F $BTCUSD left side parabola with room still to spare higher. Titanic Band quells inflation @SecYellen fears. Dems lead from the front on civil discourse #SuccessionBy Market Vitals
@dodgers force @Braves back to Hotlanta for game 6 @hfrfromthefloor taking @Lions +16 vs @RamsNFL $SNAP $TWTR $INTC $FB $GOOG all fake $BYND all the time. Good new music by @iamnovoamor $AMZN taking it hard $DWAC stay away from SPACs https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1OwxWzlblrmJQBy Market Vitals
Correlations matter with $BTCUSD $MSTR $RIOT $MARA $ETHUSD @hfrfromthefloor can't name 1 @chicagobulls @ZO2_ @Dodgers pitching gone $ZB_F vs $ES_F battle royale $TSLA testing ATH with rest of market day 8 of declining volume https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1vOxwynLdXrGBBy Market Vitals
$NFLX earnings meh, @hfrfromthefloor loving @astros I'm loving @Dodgers comeback. $FB off the floor into earnings $ZB_F continue to be sold by XI and CCP as $ES_F $NQ_F climb to new highs daily. Inflation is rising and not transitory $NG_F good dip to buy https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1kvJpANPeZwxE…
@AaronRodgers12 blows kisses to @ChicagoBears fans @hfrfromthefloor breaks a leg in AZ, counting votes @Dodgers go home down 0-2 vs @Braves Antartica has coldest winter on record @GretaThunberg CCP needs more energy and coal to warm upBy Market Vitals
@MSU_Football @RFootball @HuskerFBNation Parlay special @hfrfromthefloor takes homer bet @ChicagoBears $ZB_F not breaking out yet. Really quiet first week of earnings. Narratives schizophrenic nothing more to say. @NBA embrace Pot $CGC $BTC ETF approvedBy Market Vitals
Earnings season kicks off $BKX $JPM $C $BAC $WFC @hfrfromthefloor sees headwinds for Jab companies moving forward $NVAX $BNTX $MRNA $PFE w/ @KyrieIrving chicago teachers/cops/nurse Seattle Cops/firefighters/ Pilots walking it offBy Market Vitals
@nhl "orginal six" welcomes @SeattleKraken and their first win over @GoldenKnights @hfrfromthefloor says transitory now means over a decade. Byden vs Putin in great $CL_F war. $ZB_F $ZN_F ain't telling us much new information the past 3 weeks. $CAR sold https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1OwxWzjMZYVJQBy Market Vitals
@MLB why not 7 game Divisional Series'? @hfrfromthefloor thinks 2nd $FB whistleblower has grizzle. Aspirin no bueno for heart or stroke but excellent for C19. #ClownWorld $CAR blastoff #NationalFarmersDay $ZS_F $ZC_F $ZW_FBy Market Vitals
@ChevyChaseToGo sets the tone for Holidays 2021 @hfrfromthefloor China C19 Quarantine hotels don't look so fun. Great College football wins @Michigan @MSU_Football @OhioStateFB Parlay pays big. Happy Turkey Day Canucks no xmas music please until US TurkeyBy Market Vitals
Happy Bday @hfrfromthefloor . Arms Salesman of the year out of Afghan District is #1, Buys $20mm tik tok pad in Beverly Hills. $CROX beginning right side of parabola. @nfl @mlb @NCAA @NBA @NHL Full moral collapse of their games $ES_F $NQ_F $CL_F $ZB_FBy Market Vitals
@CaesarsSports big bets @NFL games this weekend. @BFawkes22 @hfrfromthefloor slept thru @Dodgers walk off bottom of 9th. Take the @Lions in Moneyline vs @Vikings . Would there be Alt Right/Alt Left if the Middle did their job? We are tired of LCD rulersBy Market Vitals
Putin playing energy supply hardball with Germany and EU, $NG_F $CL_F @hfrfromthefloor asks why Orange Man gone? @JackPosobiec Veritas Phizer 4th expose, Narratives in Overdrive. @chargers Looking solid when you can throw to 6'8" receivers all day. https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1BdGYwjZvmXxXBy Market Vitals
@UMichFootball #8 "Jump Around" @hfrfromthefloor says slow down turbo, SEC @AlabamaFTBL @GeorgiaFootball still kings, New Moon on Wednesday, sell the new buy the full. $ROKU $FB $GOOG $CMG $SHOP $ES_F $NQ_F $OEX @ChicagoBears get easy one, IS FOMC short?By Market Vitals
@DavidBCollum Burger King taking steps to remove half their clientale w Vax mandates $QSR $GD capitulates on quax mandates as 40% workforce says they'll quit @hfrfromthefloor sell $MRNA buy $MRK on C19 theatre @zerohedge killing em w Energy ArticlesBy Market Vitals
@realchriswebber joins Cannabis space, and Detroit is hot, but the timing @hfrfromthefloor wonders $CGC $CRON $TLRY @patrickrooney talks TT and highlights where the Volume's out of China and Brazil are spiking. @RepGregSteube hits massive Dinger for Rep vs Dem gameBy Market Vitals
#narratives are the easiest way to be "analytical" so follow the money. Jab companies holding on to key levels $MRNA $BNTX $PFE @wsbmod looking to short key congressional equity holdings! Easy pickin says @hfrfromthefloor #wednesdaythought $DXY dominates https://youtu.be/ovQvhhCnOJsBy Market Vitals
Market Showing Right Side Parabola. $NQ_F $ES_F $RTY_F $ZB_F @hfrfromthefloor says be careful who you joke around with in today's times $FB $AAPL $AMZN $NFLX $GOOG FAANG breaking down? Satire is the new truth!By Market Vitals
@BKoepka @b_dechambeau @JordanSpieth @DJohnsonPGA and the young bucks take the elder EU players @rydercup. @hfrfromthefloor wonders when the headwinds, Inflation, $ZB_F, Labor, $CL_F, $NG_F matter? Dystopian Narratives like Social Credit scores growingBy Market Vitals
Casino Stocks have had another nice run to top of recent ranges, more or done? $CZR $MGM $PENN $LYV @hfrfromthefloor shows us how @JordanSpieth almost falls into Lake Michigan today $ZB_F matters at some point. @Jkylebass senses sinister times out of CCP https://www.periscope.tv/MissTrade/1OyKADMmgDgxb…
Welcome Back @hfrfromthefloor good to see your mug back on Market Vitals Live. Vaxxed planes $UAL Unvaxxed $AAL pick you poison. World more crazy then ever 6 weeks later. $GS and Clinton foundation coming to the rescue of Evergrande? $3333 What $AAPL $BROSBy Market Vitals
SHOW NOTES & LINKS: www.onairella.com/post/249-dr-laurie-betito Our sexuality and desire evolves as we do. It also needs to accommodate the myriad of physical, emotional and social changes that happen in middle age and beyond. Dr. Laurie Betito joins us to deep dive into this topic, including: Common myths about sex and aging The evolution of sex f…
SHOW NOTES & LINKS: www.onairella.com/post/248-cassy-joy-garcia Cassy Joy Garcia, founder of Fed + Fit, says that getting a healthy, homemade dinner on the table shouldn’t be so hard, and she helps us solve this problem with easy recipes, meal prep tips, nutrition and healthy lifestyle tips. GET THE NEW MERCH! CONNECT WITH ELLA: @onairwithella SUPP…
SHOW NOTES & LINKS: www.onairella.com/post/247-unpopular-opinions GET THE MERCH! YOUR QUESTIONS: Do you ever disagree with your guests? What drives you crazy? What are your "unpopular opinions?" What are you working on in your own life right now? Do you have any tattoos? What products are you obsessed with right now? What would surprise us most abo…
How we communicate matters, perhaps now more than ever. Global speaker & entrepreneur Jacqueline Nagle is here to talk about: Intentional vs. unintentional use of language The 4 most common representational systems and why they matter The language of influence Tips for stronger, more impactful communication SHOW NOTES & LINKS: https://www.onairella…
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