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Imagine being wrongfully convicted for a crime you didn't commit, or imagine your child's killer is still on the loose even though there's enough evidence for an arrest. I want to help shine light on the injustices of our judicial system. I delve into court documents, attend trials, and interview those close to the case to help me tell their stories.
Based on the iconic, Emmy-nominated series on A&E, this show explores some of the most difficult-to-solve murders, which stymied investigators and went cold, sometimes for decades. In fact, one-third of all murders in America remain open. But thanks to dogged investigators and breakthroughs in forensic technology, these cases become part of the rare 1% of cold cases that are ever solved. Hosted by Brooke Gittings ("Convicted" and "Actual Innocence") and featuring the voice of original Cold C ...
Australian comedy duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee continue to taunt each other and their button-pusher Jack with a weekly show that is more about their listeners than it is about themselves. Hamish & Andy question and test the smaller things in life, no pondering too small. Visit hamishandandy.com
Join Ladygang's Jac Vanek, true crime TV producer Alexis Linkletter, and investigative journalist Billy Jensen on a chilling ride into the darkest corners of your worst nightmares. We're talking murder, serial killers, cults, conspiracy theories and beyond, all told through the eyes of a guest who is one degree of separation from the story itself. From Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer to an unknown heinous murder in your very own hometown, The First Degree will bring a new and refreshing perspec ...
TSK is the podcast dedicated to exploring the serial killer phenomenon. Who the killers were, what they did and how. The show makes a significant effort into exploring the serial killers' background, especially their childhood and youth. It goes into detail in the killers' development, and describes the murders in graphic detail to give the listener a truthful understanding of who these killers really were and the extent of their criminal behavior. The show is produced and hosted by Thomas W ...
The world has changed a lot in 20 years. And when you’ve be broadcasting through all of it, you have the benefit of going back to see what things were like during those times. Whether it’s a personal memory, a significant moment in history or the silliness of a segment that catches their eye, Hamish and Andy are looking at the run sheets from over 2,500 shows across two decades and picking one singular talk break to discuss. They try to remember what was going on behind the scenes as well as ...
Steve Palazzolo and Sam Monson bring you an NFL podcast unlike any other, because it comes backed by Pro Football Focus and their unique data insights. PFF watches and grades every player on every play of the NFL season to give you a look inside the game nobody else can rival. From uncovering secret superstars around the league to discussing which teams are best positioned for a Super Bowl run, Steve and Sam use football's most in-depth database to create an informative listen for every leve ...


PodcastOne / Carolla Digital

A twice weekly automotive podcast hosted by Adam Carolla, Bill Goldberg and Matt "The Motorator" D'Andria. It's the only show of its kind that explores all aspects of the automotive space from the performance aftermarket, to new car buying and the future of the automotive industry. The guys answer your questions, offer advice and feature guests from the automotive industry and celebrity car enthusiasts.
Ready to shake things up? Kaitlyn is creating a space where girls (and gents) can feel empowered to be themselves... because there's more to life than Instagram, right? Kaitlyn isn't afraid to keep it real as she talks with her amazing guests! Get ready for lots of laughs, candid convo, taboo topics, unfiltered advice, and wine... lots of wine!
Where the biggest names in the world of sport go one-on-one with sports journalist Mark Howard. From ultimate highs to tear-jerking lows, Howie lifts the lid on the real stories behind the headlines. He sits down with the biggest names in Australian & world sport, finding out how they started out, what makes them tick, how they deal with the big wins and the big losses, and how they take on sport and life from here.
In Rusty's Garage, automotive commentator and journalist Greg Rust speaks to the most passionate riders, drivers, designers and collectors he knows. Each guest shares their stories about the machines they've owned, raced, crashed & restored throughout their lives going flat out.
Revisionist History is Malcolm Gladwell's journey through the overlooked and the misunderstood. Every episode re-examines something from the past—an event, a person, an idea, even a song—and asks whether we got it right the first time. From Pushkin Industries. Because sometimes the past deserves a second chance. iHeartMedia is the exclusive podcast partner of Pushkin Industries.
Garage Logic is the seat of Gumption County, down the road from Diversityville, but not as far as Liberal Lakes. It's a place where common sense prevails, the 2-car garage is revered and cigar smoking is allowed (and lawyers aren't).
What you need to know about the future — so you can make the best decisions today. The rate of change we are experiencing is the fastest humanity has ever seen. Stay head of the pack with award winning podcast creator, journalist & futurist Mark Pesce as he simplifies the complex technological and societal changes we face - how we will work, connect, use money and even the food we eat.
For Your Benefit

For Your Benefit

Federal News Network | Hubbard Radio

Host Bob Leins and presenters from NITP, Inc., the national leader in Federal retirement planning seminars, present topics of interest to the Federal community including Federal benefits, Social Security, financial planning, TSP and estate planning.
Shift and Steer

Shift and Steer

PodcastOne / Carolla Digital

A weekly podcast and Internet video show that focuses on the motorsport enthusiast lifestyle. Hosted by automotive industry veterans Brad Fanshaw (bonspeed Wheels), Matt D'Andria (Motorator.com) and Aaron Hagar (Rat Runners Garage and son of Sammy Hagar from Van Halen). Join us as we chat with like-minded enthusiasts and share stories from the best automotive events, auctions, races and more.
Emmy-winning game show legend Chuck Woolery joins forces with polymath and serial entrepreneur Mark Young to tackle the toughest issues of the day, without the usual angry white guy banter. Part talk show, part Ted Talk, the show features Chuck and Mark exploring topics one at a time by pulling back the curtain, setting aside the political rhetoric and laying out the truth using science, research and hard facts.
The mission of the Dr. Gundry Podcast is to help you live your best life — mind, body and soul — by empowering you with the tools and knowledge you need. Dr. Gundry interviews some of the world's leading health experts to glean life-changing insights and offers cutting-edge wellness advice during his topical lectures.
Real Crime investigative journalist Adam Shand takes you on an audio journey as he digs deep to uncover the untold story behind some of Australia’s most fascinating high-profile cases. Using a lifetime of experience, Adam will take you into his world where he finds the missing pieces and evidence that deliver Real Crime stories like you’ve never heard before. For more episodes download the free LiSTNR app.
"Dirt Alerts" are myTalk 107.1 radio's bit-size daily entertainment updates. When it comes to Hollywood, movies, TV, celebrities and pop culture, these are the headlines you need to know to go about your day, all in a 2-3 minute report. Updated weekdays twice daily, you'll always be in the know with myTalk's "Dirt Alerts."
Chris Russell explores the critical issues affecting the next 50 years in Australian agriculture. In each episode Agricultural Scientist Chris speaks with the key intellects, custodians or ‘Agriminds’ tasked with securing the future of our food and fibre production in Australia and discusses how Australian agricultural issues can also have a larger worldwide impact. For more episodes download the free LiSTNR app.
The Fred Minnick Show features spirits author, historian and curator Fred Minnick, who interviews musicians and pairs whiskeys to their palates. Through the journey, the artists open up to Minnick about life tribulations, what it's like on the road and their favorite foods. Really, it's just two people tasting and talking.
Join your two favorite gals, Brooke and Danielle, every Wednesday for a fun podcast about all things lifestyle! Danielle Carolan is a full-time student at the University of Georgia, Youtuber and Spin Instructor! Brooke Miccio is a recent post-grad exploring life in a new city while vlogging her experiences on Youtube. On the show, you'll hear everything from fun best friend stories, advice, tips on living your best life and personal stories from when things don't exactly go as planned. Keep ...
Mark Bouris speaks to business owners and entrepreneurs, finding out what makes them tick and their plans for growth. Some business owners are on the way up and enjoying new success, others are at a turning point. Mark digs into their stories and finds out why they set out to create their own path, their challenges and where they go from here. Based on his own personal experiences and learnings, he also passes on his own guidance on how to take their business to the next level.
The Wrap is Australia's fastest technology podcast - wrapping news, analysis, and reviews in an earful that you can hear in just five minutes. Phones, laptops, TVs, headphones, cameras, computers... it's the week in tech in the time it takes for you to grab a bus or eat your toast in the morning.
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2:00 - Matt Holliday on Tyler ONeill's success at the plate, how Harrison Bader got two bags on a sac fly and much more 2:15 - Is Miles Mikolas back? 2:30 - Camp is here, so is Vladi. Roles, line combinations and more2:45 - Lee Sterling on his favorite picks for the NFL and College weekend 3:00 - What's Trending 3:15 - Sizing up NFL Rookie QBs3:30 …
This week Drew is joined by 'celebrity bio-hacker' and certified expert in mortality Gary Brecka. They discuss Gary's work in reviewing human bloodwork and how he uses those findings to discover the root of one's symptoms. Learn more about Gary Brecka at StreamlineMedicalGroup.comVisit AllForm.com/DrewVisit Organifi.com/Drewvisit BollAndBranch.com/…
A 17 year old in St Paul who had been arrested 7 times since April 2020, was confronted by police Tuesday night after he attempted to use one of the two guns on his person. He also had 5 felony warrants for his arrest. Why was he on the street? We were excited to be joined by Kofi Montzka a Roseville mother who taught all of us how to push back aga…
(0:00) Intro (3:00) Panthers vs Texans (5:30) Rams vs Bucs(24:00) Chargers vs Chiefs (38:30) Packers vs 49ers (47:00) Colts vs Titans (53:30) Seahawks vs Vikings (49:30) Raiders vs Dolphins (1:07:00) WFT vs Bills (1:13:00) Saints vs Pats (1:18:45) Bears vs Browns (1:27:00) Bengals vs Steelers (1:34:30) Ravens vs Lions (1:38:30) Jaguars vs Cardinals…
Today’s show rundown: We have a guest host today with Nick Giordano again as Mark is out in Oklahoma crossing off bucket list things. Chuck talks about Biden give his speech to the United Nations. It was a diatribe on Climate Change and COVID. This is what our President wants to focus on, instead of looking at losing allies because of Afghanistan. …
Brooke is wearing the Shock Collar this morning!Today's question: When you'd want someone to stop talking, nowadays Brooke might tell Jose to "put a sock in it." But did you know that the phrase originated in Britain back in the 1800's...and was used in a much more literal way before it eventually became a slang way to get people to shut their yaps…
John Ourand, media reporter for Sports Business Journal since 2006, gives What's Working in Washington the inside scoop on all things sports: in Washington D.C., nationally, and abroad. He discusses the amount of money at stake in the sports industry, the relationship between cities and professional sports teams, and other major sports erupting in …
This week, the girls and the goth go back in time to 1969 when the “Paul Is Dead” hoax took over Beatlemania! They dive into all of the theories, secret messages, and easter eggs found in their albums and music. They also debate Cheesecake Factory, the top sheet, and...what the hell even is aioli?By Jac Vanek, Alexis Linkletter and Billy Jensen
The lady of the week, or maybe only the day, Robyn Schall joins Kaitlyn to discuss her designer head-to-toe monochrome outfit inspired by BFF Kim K’s Met Gala bank robber chic gown. The outfit has taken the world and NYC corner stores, elevators and subways by storm and Robyn is riding the high of life in between binge watching all of her favorite …
Zach Cohen is the Senate correspondent for the National Journal, also appearing on cable news stations on behalf of his publication. He talks with It's All Journalism host Michael O'Connell about why he studied international service in college, how to set up a weekly schedule for coverage and why it's important to have trusted sources who get used …
This week on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, Eddie brings you his interviews with Myles Kennedy about his upcoming solo tour, working with Slash and more, followed by Zakk Wylde who talked about the upcoming Black Label Society album Doom Crew Inc. and a whole lot more! Catch Eddie Trunk every M-F from 2:00-4:00pm ET on Trunk Nation on SiriusXM Volume Cha…
2:00 - Did the Cardinals just win a "playoff" game?2:15 - The Cardinals are balanced... Can balanced win a title in 2021? 2:30 - Do the Cardinals have a dominating aspect of their game right now? 2:45 - What's Trending 3:00 - Robert Thomas signed... Who gets left without a roster spot? 3:15 - Chris Kerber announces 2021-2022 Blues broadcast plans 3…
"It was probably the hardest two days of my life" #TheHowieGames | Jessica Fox has competed at three Olympics, and is recognised as the GOAT of her sport, which is truly incredible at just 27 years of age. But this isn’t simply the story of an athlete who just goes out an blows the competition away. This is a tale of how Jess had to overcome what s…
"It was probably the hardest two days of my life" #TheHowieGames | Jessica Fox has competed at three Olympics, and is recognised as the GOAT of her sport, which is truly incredible at just 27 years of age. But this isn’t simply the story of an athlete who just goes out and blows the competition away. This is a tale of how Jess had to overcome what …
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