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Pop Culture Role Call is a weekly podcast that reviews television and movies from different characters’ perspectives. Each week our geek panel (panel of hosts) watches the same TV episode or movie each assigned their own character role. They will only watch scenes that their character is present in, leaving them with only part of the bigger picture.
Who should play your favorite characters from books and games? Each episode, Max and Brian pick one pop culture property and play casting directors, nominating their best fit for each role. The ultimate decision belongs to the listeners, as the Final Casting Call becomes a poll.
The THRST is the fun and hilarious space that's filled unfiltered, uncensored, and unapologetic conversations on life, relationships, and everything in between; imagine the kitchen-island From dating and relationships to celebrities and pop culture to the craziness we call life and other people’s problems; if it can be talked about...it's on The THRST podcast. Stop by, plug in, and join the conversation; you're invited to be the hip fly on the proverbial wall. WARNING: we sling humor, attitu ...
Press Play! Evan Golden, TV personality, actor and producer based in South Florida has officially released his video podcast series broadcasted from the offices of The Berman Law Group in Boca Raton, Florida. The podcast, "Talk Golden to Me" discusses what’s trending in entertainment, pop culture, businesses, and exclusive personal interviews Guests have included: Miss Florida USA Brittany Oldehoff, NFL Legend Fred Taylor, Instagram Super Star Supreme Patty, Senator Joseph Abruzzo, Recording ...
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Welcome to Orphan Black season 3 episode 7! Sarah and Collin take a much-needed break from leading the show this week. Alison is working on bolstering her political platform AND her drug dealing operation. All the while, Cosima is being pulled between her old and new loves. Can we keep this ship afloat? Thanks for listening!…
Scott Disick is keepin’ it real shady with Kourtney Kardashian, Rosie O’Donnell dishes on the time she visited Martha Stewart in the slammer, and Kristen Johnston wants people to stop confusing her with Kirstie Alley. We're dishin' it ALL on today's Dish Nation...tune in for the celebri-tea!By digital@dishnation.com
Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow are kissin’ and tellin’, Andrew Freund dishes with Vanessa Williams, Laverne Cox, Lena Waithe and the stars of ‘Bad Hair’, and we're gettin' our thirst on with 'Thirst Trapping With The Stars' on today’s Dish Nation. We're dishin' it ALL so tune IN!By digital@dishnation.com
LeBron James' daughter gets the ultimate birthday gift, Tattoo or Tatt-Ew? Joe Jonas gets new ink, and was Nicole Kidman jealous of ‘Pretty Woman’ Julia Roberts?! We're spillin' it ALL on today's Dish Nation so tune in for the celebrity tea!By digital@dishnation.com
Gal Gadot gets backlash for her new Cleopatra gig, Headkrack dishes with The Masked Singer's Brian Austin Green, and find out why Lenny Kravitz doesn't want to be ‘Like Father, Like Son’ when it comes to infidelity on today's Dish Nation!By digital@dishnation.com
Gary With Da Tea is dishin' with Perez Hilton and he's spillin' some scandalous tea on his new memoir 'TMI: My Life in Scandal', Meghan Markle is losing some Hollywood friends, and find out what cut Ed Sheeran deep! The celebrity dish is served HOT on today's Dish Nation so tune IN.By digital@dishnation.com
Dolly Parton might be posing for 'Playboy', a YouTuber is in hot water for offering nudes to support Joe Biden's presidential campaign, and you'll never believe why Madonna refused to work with David Guetta! Nothing's off the table on today's Dish Nation so tune in!By digital@dishnation.com
Donald Glover doesn't like labels when it comes to his sexuality, Andrew Freund dishes with Adam Sandler, Julie Bowen and more of the cast of 'Hubie Halloween', and find out why Brooklyn Beckham is getting choked up over backlash on today's Dish Nation. Tune in for the celebrity dish!By digital@dishnation.com
Christina Aguilera ditches the diet and is ALL about her bread, Tone Kapone dishes with John Slattery and the cast of thriller series 'Next', and Mariah Carey spills tea about her ex-fiancé & billionaire boo, James Packer on today's Dish Nation! 🔥By digital@dishnation.com
Mariah Carey reveals the real reason why her marriage to Nick Cannon ended, Chuey Martinez dishes with Tyra Banks and the contestants of 'Dancing With The Stars', and Danica Patrick drives home a message for her next boyfriend! The celebrity dish is on FIRE on today's Dish Nation—tune in!By digital@dishnation.com
Find out who took the 'Mask Off' on last night's 'The Masked Singer', Anne Winters channels her best Madonna, and you'll never guess how Willow Smith reacted to Jada Pinkett-Smith's "entanglement" drama! Tune in to today's Dish Nation for the best in celebrity dish.By digital@dishnation.com
It's season 3 episode 4 this week! Alison continues to expand her suburban drug empire. Cosima and Felix are talking about looooove, or maybe luuuuust? Meanwhile, Sarah is out there pulling metal slugs out of Mark's leg and digging up dead babies. We are watching the same show, yeah? Thanks for listening!…
'Riverdale' stars are kissin' and tellin', Andrew Freund dishes with Robert DeNiro and the cast of ‘The War with Grandpa’, and you'll never guess who Gwyneth Paltrow is saving all her red carpet looks for! Get your entertainment news fix on today's Dish Nation—tune in!By digital@dishnation.com
Tiffany Haddish spends a lot of time at Common's house and the reason why might shock you, America Ferrera gets an offensive audition request, and our girl Da Brat spills the tea on her past relationship with Allen Iverson and it's HOT. Tune in to today's Dish Nation for the best celebrity dish!By digital@dishnation.com
Welcome to season 3 episode 3 of Orphan Black! Art and Sarah are driving around talking about their feelings and junk. Cosima and Scott are sawing open heads and discovering game changing truths about the Castor clones. And Alison? Well, she is kinda off doing her own "Build an empire" thing. Thanks for listening!…
Brandy claps back at former co-star Thea Vidale, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson brings 'Hercules' to his house and Jessica Alba finds out there's a snake in the grass on today's Dish Nation! Tune in for some sizzlin' celebrity dish!By digital@dishnation.com
Keith Urban shares how he knew Nicole Kidman was 'The One', Samuel L. Jackson's masterclass for voters might make you curse, and we're gettin' thirsty with 'Thirst Trapping With The Stars' on today's Dish Nation. Tune in for some sizzlin' celebrity dish!By digital@dishnation.com
Kim Cattrall is ‘Filthy Rich’ and she’s dishin’ all about it with Andrew Freund, find out what NFL star Patrick Mahomes says is more nerve-wracking than the Superbowl and will Robin Givens make a cameo in Mike Tyson’s biopic? Find out on today's Dish Nation! 🔥By digital@dishnation.com
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Zoom in on a reunion, Kanye West has a questionable employee on his staff and find out why Kourtney Kardashian doesn't want this Kardashian sister to give her relationship advice on today's Dish Nation. Tune in for the celebrity dish!By digital@dishnation.com
Today, the Clone Crew break into season 3 of Orphan Black! Y'all like exposition and complicated webs of intrigue? I hope so, because that's what we are workin' with. Sarah plays Rachel, Allison plays Sarah, and Cosima gets her heart broken. All the while, project Castor is likely working to put us in the dirt. Thanks for listening!…
We're dishin' on the best moments from Brandy vs Monica's epic 'Verzuz' battle, Serena Williams puts herself in a bad situation, and you'll never guess why Akon passed on signing this famous rapper. Pour up a cup of our celebrity tea on today's Dish Nation!By digital@dishnation.com
We had another 3-way...via phone! Jezula's back, again, and we introduce you to a new and wise friend, Arien. We discussed many things: from the death of Chadwick Boseman to the views of fornication in the Bible (and how they stack up for life in 2020); we breakdown the rules and tips to hooking up and dive deeper on reason's we're all still single…
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