The EVIL EYE: Scotland Style!!


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Well friends, we've hit a new low on the 1 Scot 1 Not Podcast!
Definitely keep your little ones out of the room while you're watching/listening to this episode. In an unexpected twist we are covering everything from penis necklaces to sexual positions and NOT ON PURPOSE! WE promise! Karen had no idea what she was going to uncover when researching for this week's episode but uncover she most certainly DID! Pour yourself more than a little wee dram this week (we suggest a martini with mysterious particulate matter) - but really anything alcoholic will suffice! And let's go back in a simpler life filled with red thread, dread and a whole bunch of cows. Have cool, old time-y stories filled with ghosts and fairies? We NEEEEEED to hear from you! Email us your stories at
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