Joel Lookadoo: 2020 Arkansas Teacher of the Year


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Joel Lookadoo, 2020 Arkansas Teacher of the Year, shares why he loves teaching, the stories he is seeing of teachers (and students) overcoming and encouragement for teachers now.

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Joel Lookadoo is an eighth-year educator in Springdale, Arkansas who coached basketball for three years before transitioning to full-time teaching in the classroom where he has taught Algebra 1 and is a National Board Certified Teacher in High School Mathematics. He created “Beyond”, which is a college-prep program, that supports first-generation college students by mentoring students and discussing college admissions and scholarship opportunities. Lookadoo, the 2020 Arkansas Teacher of the Year, is also certified in English as a Second Language and has led professional development on teaching English Learners, building high-performing PLCs, and standards-based grading.

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